Wild Down Under

July 2013

6. New Worlds

3.0 20 x
Looking at how Australia's remarkable wildlife interacts with its human population.

5. Island Arks

3.0 20 x
A look at the species that have evolved on islands from New Guinea to New Zealand.

4. Gum Tree Country

3.0 18 x
A look at the bush landscape that is home to many of Australia's best-known creatures.

3. Southern Seas

3.0 12 x
A look at Australia's seas, inhabited by surfing dolphins and giant cuttlefish.

2. Desert Heart

3.0 16 x
Features Australia's huge central desert, home to a diversity of flora and fauna.(R)

1. Wild Down Under

3.0 28 x
An introduction to the continent of Australia and its surrounding islands.(R)
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