Wildman: Extreme Adventurer

November 2016

12. The Suffering Men

4.0 56 x
In Brazil, Tim comes face-to-face with the Xavante people.

11. The Wasp Warriors

4.0 32 x
Tim endures the stings of hundreds of killer wasps.

10. Shark People

3.0 29 x
Tim Noonan sets out to kill a shark with his bare hands.
October 2016

9. Running Men

3.0 21 x
Tim Noonan must chase down a wild deer on foot.

8. The Bull Wrestlers

4.0 30 x
Tim Noonan meets the Betsileo people of Madagascar.

7. The Horse Gladiators

4.5 34 x
Tim travels to Kyrgyzstan to live with nomadic shepherds.

6. The Swamp Cowboys

4.0 30 x
Tim Noonan travels to the swampy plains of Venezuela.
September 2016

5. The Snake Divers

3.0 19 x
Tim Noonan travels to Cameroon to find the Gbaya people.

4. The Cave Climbers

3.0 26 x
Tim Noonan scales the highest island caves of Thailand.

3. Episode 3

3.0 21 x
Tim Noonan must complete an ancient rite of passage.