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Poppy and Cooper race to see who is the fastest, but Poppy struggles to keep up!

Series 1
Cooper is writing a song for Frederick and Poppy gets jealous and wants it for herself!
It's time for Cooper to hibernate, but Poppy doesn't want to be without her friend!
Poppy divides the den in halves when she gets annoyed with Cooper's messiness.
Poppy's favourite nectar tree has been hit by lightning and is leaking!
Poppy makes her own special woodland ranger badge, saying she is in charge of the woods!
Poppy hurts Cooper's feelings when she calls him clumsy!
Cooper finds the best stick ever, but Poppy isn't sure it's really all that great...
An argument between Cooper and Poppy escalates into a big falling out!
Someone in the WildWoods is stealing nuts, so Copper and Poppy stay up to catch them.
Cooper is telling Poppy all about the strange foods people eat in the big city.
Poppy takes Cooper to a special part of the woods where they search for shooting stars.
Cooper tells Poppy all about birthdays, so Poppy decides that she wants to have one.
It's a beautiful day out, until a tingle in Cooper's toe warns the friends of rain.
Poppy is fascinated when Cooper tells her about the art galleries back in the big city.
Cooper is interested to discover that his friend Poppy has an unusual reaction to rain.
Cooper challenges Poppy to play him at a special game he's sure he can win.
Poppy has gotten spooked by the dark woods, and she's convinced she's seen a monster.
Cooper and Poppy are feeling brave, and set sail for an adventure on a mysterious island.
Cooper and Poppy are over the moon when they find the most comfortable log to sit on.