Will & Grace

May 2018

Season 8, Episode 24: The Finale, pt 2

4.0 19 x
Years in the future, the fate of the four friends is revealed... or is it?

Season 8, Episode 14: I Love L Gay

4.0 15 x
In LA to help Elliott choose a college, Will runs into James, who is on the verge of deportation. Meanwhile Elliott rebels, forcing Jack to actually be a parent.

Season 8, Episode 15: The Definition of Marriage

4.0 21 x
Grace offers to marry Will's boyfriend James to get him a green card, while Karen plans an extravagant party for the occasion.

Season 8, Episode 16: Grace Expectations

4.0 9 x
Grace learns she is pregnant after her airplane tryst with Leo, but he has a surprise for her too. Will sees a side of James he doesn't like.

Season 8, Episode 17: Cowboys and Iranians

3.0 11 x
Jack talks Will into going to a cowboy-themed gay bar to meet his new boyfriend, and Grace experiences liberal guilt over a bad employee.

Season 8, Episode 18: Buy Buy Baby

4.0 20 x
OutTV is taken over by a huge corporation and Jack is given a new conservative co-host. With Grace happily pregnant, Karen decides she wants a baby too.

Season 8, Episode 19: Blanket Apology

4.0 20 x
Jack vows to never work in showbusiness again, but Karen refuses to let him give up. Grace is given Will's beloved baby blanket as a present, leading to a huge argument.

Season 8, Episode 20: The Mourning Son

3.0 18 x
Will struggles to deal with the untimely death of his father, while Grace begins to worry she won't be a good mother.

Season 8, Episode 21: Partners 'n' Crime

3.0 17 x
Will and Grace go to pre-natal classes together, but when he gets back together with Vince, she doubts Will is willing to raise a child.

Season 8, Episode 22: Whatever Happened to Baby Gin?

4.0 10 x
Karen's sister turns up to guilt her, Vince's plans to move in with Will do not include Grace, and Jack's new gay cop show debuts.