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World of Weird

Billie JD Porter parties with Furries, who dress as animals. The devil jumps over babies in Spain. Joel Dommett joins a Japanese apology agency. Plus: the Battle of Nations, and more.

Brent Zillwood goes to wizard school. Ayo Akinwolere visits the micronation of Molossia. Plus the Australian wrestler pop sensation with a schoolgirl alter-ego, gigolo sex clown Sugar Weasel and more.
Bobby Mair gets trussed up like a pony by dominatrix subMissAnn in LA. Plus: dog music, subversive sexual Japanese TV shows, Ted Parrotman and more.
Vicky Pattison finds out how some people in Japan are achieving intimacy without being in a relationship. Plus: the Air Sex Championships, prancercise, Anklepants and the original Anger Room.
Joel Dommett visits Tokyo to work for a crying agency. Meryl Fernandes finds out about sploshing. Ben Shires meets a man who identifies as a dog. Plus: a Japanese penis festival.
Ayo Akinwolere meets American vampires. Vicky Pattison checks out full-body lycra, Japanese-style. Joel Dommett meets an artist who paints with his penis. And is a capybara a good pet?
Episodes 2015
Joel Dommett meets fake family members in Japan. Michelle de Swarte visits a huge My Little Pony convention. Matt Rudge joins gun-toting survivalists. Billie JD Porter tracks down a man with 39 wives.