World's Weirdest Weapons

May 2018

Weapons of the Superspies

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Hear about the odd weapons developed for Cold War spies that would make Q proud, including a plane that flies faster than a bullet and an eavesdropping cat.

Seaplane Strike Force

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During the Cold War, the US and the USSR were each developing top-secret weapons that could be deployed on the water: seaplanes. Learn more about their efforts.
April 2018

Hitler's Mad Weapons

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As WWII dragged on, Hitler's engineers developed some revolutionary weapons - including a supergun and a mega tank. Get a closer look at these unusual munitions.

In Search of the Smart Bomb

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The hunt for the world's first guided bombs was on in World War II. Hear how everything from unmanned drones to bombs steered by animals were trialled.

The Flying Soldier

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With military helicopters not quite good enough in the 1950s, the US army floated the idea of their soldiers using jet packs. Hear the method behind the madness.

Secret Weapons of D-Day

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As the Allies invaded Normandy on D-Day, troops rolled out the 'flying dustbin' and a floating harbour. Watch on to discover more about this unusual weaponry.