World's Wildest City

August 2016

City of Giants

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Meet the colossal creatures that thrive in the sprawling Brazilian city of Manaus, including the spider monkey, the giant otter and the goliath tarantula.

Caiman Invasion

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Caimans have started to call the Brazilian city of Manaus home. Are these large reptiles a threat to humans or just misunderstood? This nature series reveals all.

Urban Vultures

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Learn about the wildlife of Manaus in Brazil. Vultures prosper wherever death calls, but they themselves face peril when venturing into the urban sprawl for food.

Big Cats, Big City

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Discover the amazing animals of Manaus, Brazil. Big cats like the puma and jaguar call Manaus home - but will sometimes need the help of animal rescue centres.

River Icons

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Meet the animals that have adapted to urban life in Manaus, Brazil. We learn about the river dolphins and manatees who are trying to survive in the city's waters.

Sloth Shock

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Discover the remarkable wildlife of northern Brazil. Sloths live in the jungle surrounding Manaus, but appear to be migrating into the city - and no-one knows why.

Monkey City

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The Amazonian city of Manaus is the focus of this stunning nature series. Meet the pied tamarin monkey, a timid species unique to Manaus that struggles to find food.

Wild Rescues

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Urban sprawl and jungle intertwine in Manaus, Brazil. Hear about the city's endangered animals and the people charged with protecting them in this series finale.

River City

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Learn more about the exotic creatures that dwell in or around the mighty Amazon river, from ancient fish like the pirarucu to the world's largest rodent roam.

Mini Creatures

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A huge array of wildlife call the Brazilian city of Manaus home. Here the focus is on the area's creepy crawlies, including spiders, scorpions, moths and mosquitos.