World War II : The Last Heroes


World War II : The Last Great Heroes, 6

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First-hand wartime testimonies of Allied soldiers. As the war reached its endgame, the Allies had to cross the River Rhine - the last obstacle between them and the German heartland.

World War II : The Last Great Heroes, 5

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Recollections of war, from veterans themselves. A look back to the autumn of 1944, when the US airborne entered the Hurtgen Forest in Germany and faced the coldest winter on record.

World War II : The Last Great Heroes, 4

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A unique vision of WWII, recalled by those who were there. Veterans share their experiences of their time in the Netherlands, a decisive battleground in the fight for Europe.

World War II : The Last Great Heroes, 3

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Tales of courage and sacrifice from brave WWII veterans. A look at how British and Canadian troops came under intense pressure on Hill 112 in Normandy, a key area of raised ground.

World War II : The Last Great Heroes, 2

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Affecting personal testimonies from WWII veterans. Allied and German tanks went head to head in northern France, but the Nazis' Tiger machine seemed indestructible.
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