You're The Worst


13. The Heart Is a Dumb Dumb

3.0 1 x
Jimmy attends Becca and Vernon's baby gender reveal party.

12. Other Things You Could Be Doing

4.0 3 x
Gretchen's depression leaves her unable to communicate.

10. A Right Proper Story

4.0 0 x
Jimmy's horrible family is visiting from England.

9. LCD Soundsystem

4.0 3 x
Gretchen stalks a couple who she thinks have a perfect life.

6. Side Bitch

4.0 0 x
Jimmy dons his fake moustache and follows Gretchen.

5. We Can Do Better Than This

3.0 2 x
Gretchen and Lindsay decide to talk about more than just men.

11. A Rapidly Mutating Virus

4.0 2 x
With Gretchen depressed, Jimmy grows closer to Nina.


4.0 5 x
The two disastrous daters end up in a sex contest.

8. Spooky Sunday Funday

4.0 2 x
Jimmy plans a Halloween-themed day of fun for Gretchen.

7. There Is Not Currently a Problem

4.0 2 x
The gang is trapped in Jimmy's house trying to catch a mouse.