You've Been Scammed

September 2013

15. Singer

3.0 30 x
The story of the conman who claimed to have invented a new building material.
August 2013

14. Wool Scam

3.0 26 x
Kathy tells Matt Allwright the devastating story of how she was conned out of her savings.

13. Inheritance Scam

3.0 18 x
Matt meets Barrie, who was so convinced he had inherited a fortune he gave up his job.

12. Lanzarote Scam

3.0 43 x
Matt meets Ian and Liz, who were conned when trying to buy a property in Lanzarote.
July 2013

Episode 11

3.0 25 x
A group of children were conned into thinking they would be dancing at the Olympic Games.
April 2013

10. Home Study Scam

3.0 14 x
Matt meets Caroline, who spent 15 years studying before discovering her course was a con.(R)

9. Employment Scam

3.0 23 x
Matt meets Karla and hears how she was drawn into a scam that played on her need to work.(R)

8. Will Writing Scam

3.0 25 x
Matt meets Terry and Pauline, who were exploited when they decided to make a will.(R)

7. Land Banking Scam

3.0 17 x
Matt visits Bill, who was persuaded to invest in land, only to find he had been conned.(R)

6. HGV Scam

3.0 32 x
Matt meets 23-year-old Steve, who was tricked by conmen who posed as an HGV training firm.(R)
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