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Total number of episodes: 1058
Last episode broadcasted: 19/12/2014 at 18:30
Rating:   3.0 of 5 (1092 votes)

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  • 23:43 Hollyoaks - Fri 19 Dec

    3.0 | 3 x
    Dodger is trapped in a Christmas nightmare, while Sienna is delighted to have her family by her side. Phoebe drops a bombshell on Robbie, and Nancy leans on Rick for the wrong kind of help.
  • 23:43 Hollyoaks - Thu 18 Dec

    3.0 | 3 x
    Nico decides her family would be better off without her. Dodger tells Sienna that he can't be a father to Nico, so she takes action to make sure they have the perfect family Christmas.
  • 23:43 Hollyoaks - Wed 17 Dec

    3.0 | 2 x
    Sienna kidnaps Minnie. Nico wants to find her father for Christmas, but Peri stumbles across some disturbing evidence. Will Tony find out about Sinead's manipulative behaviour?
  • 23:28 Hollyoaks - Tue 16 Dec

    4.0 | 7 x
    Diane makes a decision about her future in the village, and Dodger blames Sienna for meddling in his life again. Plus, there's some shocking news for Jason.
  • 22:45 Hollyoaks - Mon 15 Dec

    3.0 | 7 x
    Sienna recruits Nico to do her dirty work when she fears that she's going to lose Dodger, and Sinead is torn over whether she should tell Tony the truth
  • 23:23 Hollyoaks - Fri 12 Dec

    3.0 | 1 x
    Holly makes a devastating discovery, but what will she do about it? Tegan's world crumbles around her, while Diane makes a decision about her future with Tony.
  • 23:43 Hollyoaks - Thu 11 Dec

    3.0 | 2 x
    Tegan is shocked by Dr S'avage's diagnosis, while old habits die hard for Tony and Sinead. Jason prepares a festive surprise for Holly, but will it help her build bridges with Cindy?
  • 23:43 Hollyoaks - Wed 10 Dec

    3.0 | 1 x
    Rose is rushed to hospital where a devastated Tegan takes control. Freddie is up against an unrelenting adversary, and Sinead and Tony have something to celebrate.
  • 23:43 Hollyoaks - Tue 9 Dec

    3.0 | 0 x
    Ste is desperate to protect his family and makes a life-changing decision about John Paul. Joe panics about the murder investigation, and Tegan is furious about Celine's discovery.
  • 23:35 Hollyoaks - Mon 8 Dec

    3.0 | 6 x
    Ste is in turmoil about something from the past and suspicious of Lockie and John Paul. Sienna is forced to help a frenemy, while Celine makes a heart-breaking discovery about a friend.

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