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Fri 17 Apr, 6.30pm 23:48

3.0 8 x
Tegan is backed into a corner over her true feelings, and Cameron's meddling could have tragic consequences. Jason and Cindy use each other as a shoulder to cry on.
Thu 16 Apr, 6.30pm 23:48

3.0 7 x
Cameron gets his hands on evidence that could make his dreams come true. Cindy makes a decision about her future with Dirk, but is it the right one?
Wed 15 Apr, 6.30pm 23:48

3.0 6 x
Celine gets more than she bargained for when her interfering stirs deep emotions. Sparks fly for Darren as the search for his mystery woman continues.
Tue 14 Apr, 6.30pm 23:48

3.0 5 x
Harry braces himself to come clean. Peri panics as her dilemma gets steadily more tricky. Lockie faces a tough decision - will he choose to be loyal to his past or his present?
Mon 13 Apr, 6.30pm 23:46

3.0 14 x
Buried secrets threaten to resurface for Porsche. Diane takes her battle for Rose and Dee Dee to the next level, and three is a crowd for John Paul, Ste and Sinead.
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