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Fri 27 Mar, 6.30pm 23:38

3.0 10 x
Tegan is forced to make some tough decisions. Grace is out for revenge when she discovers that her plans have been thwarted. Ziggy makes a desperate decision when pushed to the limit.
Thu 26 Mar, 6.30pm 23:38

3.0 13 x
Patrick sees red after a recent revelation. The walls are closing in on one villager as the police gather more evidence surrounding Mercedes. Tegan's condition takes a turn for the worse.
Wed 25 Mar, 6.30pm 23:38

3.0 10 x
Tegan is speechless when a notorious face turns up on her doorstep. Someone is out for revenge on the McQueens and will stop at nothing to see the family crumble.
Tue 24 Mar, 6.30pm 23:45

3.0 6 x
Kim's scheme could prove detrimental for one Roscoe brother. Desperate Tom clutches at straws. Robbie goes off the rails, but will anyone come to his rescue before he hits self-destruct?
Mon 23 Mar, 6.30pm 22:39

3.0 21 x
Jason uncovers fresh leads about Freddie. Robbie finds himself out of his depth and makes a shock discovery. Sinead hits the jackpot when she stumbles across Lindsey's plan.
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