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Mon 8 Feb, 6.30pm 23:38

3.0 0 x
Jason causes chaos when he thinks he's caught Holly cheating on him. Tegan is spooked by a visitor at the hospital, and Lindsey is at fever pitch after receiving a phone call.
Fri 5 Feb, 6.30pm 23:38

3.0 9 x
Trevor is back in trouble with the law, while Lindsey spots an opportunity that's too good to miss. Celine, Kim and Tegan are stunned to see the new face of the hospital campaign.
Thu 4 Feb, 6.30pm 23:24

3.0 2 x
Celine encourages Tegan to take part in the new hospital poster campaign, while Lindsey ensures she's out of the frame for the gloved killer murders by eyeing up her next victim
Wed 3 Feb, 6.30pm 23:29

3.0 8 x
Lindsey confronts the gloved killer witness, while Alfie struggles to accept the recent shock revelation. Darren and Nancy break bad news to Charlie, but they find he has a dark secret.
Tue 2 Feb, 6.30pm 23:16

3.0 9 x
Is Tony's peace offering to Harry too late? Maxine is shocked to be summoned to school by Mrs St Claire along with Nancy and Sienna. Mac is feeling the pressure of someone's threats.
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