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Fri 12 Feb, 6.30pm 23:36

3.0 0 x
Ben and Trevor go head-to-head in The Loft in a dramatic showdown. Joanne has a cunning plan to snare Louis away from his wife, while Cleo asks for a job at The Hutch.
Thu 11 Feb, 6.30pm 23:36

3.0 16 x
John Paul is forced to choose between his heart and his head. Ellie sets her sights on her man, while Simone must make a choice between work and family - what will she decide?
Wed 10 Feb, 6.30pm 23:36

3.0 14 x
Wires are crossed when Trevor confronts Darren. Nico is unprepared for her book report but Alfie comes up with a plan. Ellie's feelings for a villager develop but does he feel the same way?
Tue 9 Feb, 6.30pm 23:03

3.0 4 x
Kim is scared when she hears Lindsey's next scheme, while Robbie, Jason and Joe feel as though they've seen a ghost. And Trevor struggles with his thoughts.
Mon 8 Feb, 6.30pm 23:43

3.0 11 x
Jason causes chaos when he thinks he's caught Holly cheating on him. Tegan is spooked by a visitor at the hospital, and Lindsey is at fever pitch after receiving a phone call.
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