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Mon 6 Jul, 6.30pm 23:18

3.0 6 x
Porsche despairs when sinister secrets start to surface. Ben's history catches up with him, and Robbie flies into a fit of rage after a heartbreaking discovery.
Fri 3 Jul, 6.30pm 23:18

3.0 14 x
Pete has a trick up his sleeve to charm Lockie and Cameron. Jason pulls out all the stops to impress, while Sienna plays detective to get to the truth, with startling consequences.
Thu 2 Jul, 6.30pm 23:20

3.0 7 x
Nico makes a shocking discovery when she follows someone.Theresa proves she has a heart of gold, but could it land her in more trouble?
Wed 1 Jul, 6.30pm 23:20

3.0 10 x
Maxine proves she has brains as well as beauty when she conjures up a new scheme, and Cindy tries her hardest to stop her erotic novel spilling out in to reality.
Tue 30 Jun, 6.30pm 23:43

3.0 7 x
Patrick is rattled by a cosy looking Maxine and Darren. Elsewhere, a hooded intruder breaks in to the Lovedays leaving them petrified.
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