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01/05/2015 30:00

3.0 24 x
Kat takes a trip down memory lane and comes face to face with her past when she goes to the place where she gave birth. Will facing her past help her move on?
30/04/2015 30:00

3.0 27 x
Alfie is shocked when Kat tells him what she wants, but how will he react?
28/04/2015 30:00

3.0 29 x
Carol warns Max to stop pushing his family away, but will he listen?
27/04/2015 30:00

3.0 31 x
Max's dodgy dealings catch up with him, and once again he turns to the person he least wants to.
24/04/2015 1:55:00

3.0 23 x
It's a big day for the Brannings and Carters as the families prepare to say goodbye to Jim and Stan. After discovering some shocking news, Linda makes a brave decision. Cora continues to drift from her friends and family.
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