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Mrs Brown's Boys

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Total number of episodes: 46
Last episode broadcasted: 01/01/2015 at 21:35
Rating:   3.0 of 5 (51 votes)

Overview of all episodes.
  • 35:00 Mrs Brown's Boys - Christmas Specials 2014: 2. Mammy's Gamble
    After a spate of burglaries in Finglas, Agnes asks Buster Brady to fit a new alarm system. Unfortunately there are a few teething problems with Buster's state-of-the-art technology.
  • December 2014
    40:00 Mrs Brown's Boys - Christmas Specials 2013: 2. Who's a Pretty Mammy?
    Agnes is on a mission to make sure grandson Bono is not sent to the local primary school.
  • 35:00 Mrs Brown's Boys - Christmas Specials 2014: 1. Mammy's Tickled Pink

    Expired | 3.0 | 43 x
    Christmas is just around the corner and Agnes already has her tinsel in a twist. Rory is getting plastic surgery, Cathy is hiding something and the family are insisting upon a cost-cutting secret Santa!
  • 35:00 Mrs Brown's Boys - Christmas Specials 2013: 1. Buckin' Mammy

    Expired | 3.0 | 69 x
    With Christmas looming, Mrs Brown tries to find out what Bono would like for a present.
  • 30:00 Mrs Brown's Boys - Christmas Specials 2012: 2. The Virgin Mammy

    Expired | 3.0 | 51 x
    Rehearsals get underway on the nativity play, with Agnes herself playing the Virgin Mary.(R)
  • 29:00 Mrs Brown's Boys - Christmas Specials 2012: 1. Mammy Christmas

    Expired | 3.0 | 38 x
    Agnes Brown finds herself facing her busiest Christmas yet.(R)
  • November 2014
    29:00 Mrs Brown's Boys - Christmas Special: Mammy's Ass

    Expired | 3.0 | 86 x
    Agnes takes action to stop Dermot from spending Christmas with his new mother-in-law.(R)
  • October 2014
    29:00 Mrs Brown's Boys - Series 1: 6. Mammy's Miracle

    Expired | 3.0 | 24 x
    Agnes Brown thinks everyone has gone mad. Father Quinn is losing his faith as fast as he loses parishioners. Newlyweds Dermot and Maria will not stop fighting. And Grandad has decided that he would like to witness his own funeral. He is keen to hear all the nice things people will say about him at his funeral but while he ...
  • August 2014
    30:00 Mrs Brown's Boys - Series 3: 6. Mammy Swings

    Expired | 3.0 | 24 x
    Wedding mania descends on the Brown household as the family prepare for Rory and Dino's big day. Agnes looks forward to the wedding until she meets their overbearing celebrity wedding planner La La Doggy. Meanwhile, Agnes gets more than she bargained for when she agrees to entertain Cathy's boyfriend's parents.
  • 30:00 Mrs Brown's Boys - Series 3: 5. Mammy?

    Expired | 3.0 | 20 x
    It's all kicking off in the Brown residence, as Rory and Dino have a bust-up and Mark and Betty announce their imminent departure to Australia. Plus, after a strange phone call from a solicitor, Agnes' children start to suspect one of them might be adopted. Meanwhile, Father Quinn is back from rehab, but with Agnes having ...

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