Operation Ouch!

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August 29, 2015 28:00

3.0 32 x
The doctors reveal how much power there is in your farts. Also, Dr Chris trains as a nurse on a ward full of robotic patients, and in Ouch & About Dr Xand opens up the brand new Ouch-Mobile - a drop-in clinic for all your medical mysteries. Meanwhile, over in accident and emergency, one p...
August 23, 2015 28:00

3.0 101 x
The doctors look at some of their best bits so far.
August 22, 2015 28:00

3.0 90 x
A patient has something stuck in his ear, in accident and emergency.
August 16, 2015 28:00

3.0 79 x
Dr Chris proves that the younger you are, the more sounds you can hear.
August 15, 2015 28:00

3.0 72 x
The Doctors prove that we all have invisible ink inside our bodies.
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