Made in Chelsea

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Series 6 Episode 8 47:25

3.0 0 x
Andy is facing the fallout after Spencer and Louise's recent rumoured reunion - but can he forgive and forget?
Series 8 Episode 11 47:04

3.0 42 x
Spencer and Lauren are in the spotlight, but will Louise enter the spirit of forgiveness and finally lay her ill feelings towards Andy to rest? And can Sam salvage any form of friendship with Tiff?
Series 6 Episode 7 47:25

3.0 2 x
Phoebe decides to host a dinner party, at which Spencer raises the uncomfortable subject of Jamie's relationship with Lucy and forces him to confess his feelings for her
Series 6 Episode 6 47:25

3.0 2 x
Spencer invites a slightly wary Andy on a shooting trip and it's not long before they start to discuss their favourite subject: Louise. Things are hotting up for lovebirds Alex and Binky.
Series 6 Episode 5 47:25

3.0 5 x
Jamie is feeling rather alone and friendless after Spencer's anger towards him and the bombshell discovery that Phoebe has a boyfriend. But how will Phoebe react to Fran?
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