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Made in Chelsea

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Total number of episodes: 123
Last episode broadcasted: 30/01/2015 at 07:00
Rating:   3.0 of 5 (125 votes)

Overview of all episodes.
  • 47:26 Made in Chelsea - Series 3 Episode 1

    3.0 | 2 x
    The beautiful and affluent Chelsea players are back. Home from Australia, Caggie has not only been ignoring Spencer's calls, but she's got the name of another man tattooed on her arm.
  • 1:12:36 Made in Chelsea - End of Season Party

    3.0 | 2 x
    Rick Edwards hosts the End of Season Party as Millie, Spencer, Ollie and the gang answer questions and set the record straight on some of the most talked-about bits from the series
  • 1:12:36 Made in Chelsea - Series 2 Episode 10

    3.0 | 2 x
    Millie uncovers the truth about Hugo and Rosie and outs their betrayal in front of the group. McVitie's heir Jamie also reveals a secret that may ruin his blossoming relationship with Louise.
  • 1:12:36 Made in Chelsea - Series 2 Episode 9

    3.0 | 1 x
    Spencer is still reeling from rejection by Caggie when he sees her on date with Thomas. Ollie is forging ahead with his book and decides to do a chapter on virginity.
  • 1:12:36 Made in Chelsea - Series 2 Episode 8

    3.0 | 3 x
    Jamie organises a last-minute trip to Morocco and the exotic setting brings out romantic feelings for Spencer. Millie is missing Hugo but hears he is spending time with old flame Rosie.
  • 47:04 Made in Chelsea - Series 8 Episode 2

    3.0 | 2 x
    Andy Jordan is busy expressing how he feels about his ex-girlfriend Louise finding love in New York, but it's not well received by her new beau Alik.
  • 1:12:36 Made in Chelsea - Series 2 Episode 7

    3.0 | 0 x
    The series continues and Millie is back in Chelsea while Hugo is learning to be around his ex-girlfriend when Rosie delivers some news that changes everything
  • 1:12:36 Made in Chelsea - Series 2 Episode 6

    3.0 | 2 x
    Spencer organises a pool party, while the girls are on a secret mission in Paris to bring back a surprise souvenir for Hugo. And Ollie and Chloe confront the cracks in their relationship.
  • 1:12:36 Made in Chelsea - Series 2 Episode 5

    3.0 | 2 x
    Cracks are beginning to show in Binky and Cheska's friendship and things aren't quite as rosy for Ollie and Chloe, while Francis takes Natalia on a date she'll remember forever...
  • 1:12:36 Made in Chelsea - Series 2 Episode 4

    3.0 | 3 x
    Jamie brings the group together after Millie's departure with a weekend away in the country. Spencer is still caught between Louise and Caggie and Francis takes Natalia on a memorable date.

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