Made in Chelsea

Catch Up on and watch online TV for free. Missed an episode of Made in Chelsea, broadcasted by Channel 4? We give you an overview of all the latest episodes, so you can pick and watch your favourite episode.

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Series 8 Episode 1 47:04

3.0 8 x
Stevie, Lucy, Louise and Binky catch up with Andy and fill him in on the news from their trip to New York. But Andy's reaction to hearing that Louise has found love with New Yorker Alik is unexpected.
Series 9 Episode 3 47:26

3.0 2 x
Andy is confused by Jess and her mixed emotions, while Steph and Josh are back on track. Louise isn't happy with Alik's very laid-back approach to life.
Series 9 Episode 2 47:26

3.0 33 x
Andy steps up his campaign to win over Jess, and Alex introduces his new girlfriend Nicola to the Chelsea set. Will his ex Binky give Nicola a warm welcome?
Series 7 Episode 11 47:51

3.0 4 x
The final episode in the current series sees Binky and Alex determined to work things out alone, but are they strong enough? And events come to a dramatic head at Andy's epic country house party.
Series 7 Episode 10 47:51

3.0 6 x
Jamie's love life is the talk of Chelsea and Lucy isn't pleased to hear about his involvement with her former intern Riley. On confrontation, Jamie reveals his feelings for Lucy have never gone away.
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