Mr Selfridge

Catch up tv on . Mr Selfridge tells the story of 'Mile a Minute Harry', a man with a mission to make shopping as thrilling as sex. Harry wanted to indulge and empower women and so he opened the doors of his lavish department store, on London's famous Oxford Street.

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Series 4 - Episode 5 1:00:00

3.0 51 x
The ground floor of Selfridges is transformed into a movie set.
Series 4 - Episode 4 1:00:00

3.0 75 x
Harry throws a typically decadent party, and Grove gets a blast from the past.
Series 4 - Episode 3 1:00:00

3.0 100 x
It is now the 1920s and Harry makes the acquaintance of a mysterious entrepreneur.
Series 4 - Episode 2 1:00:00

Expired 3.0 138 x
After the accident at the Queen of Time unveiling, Harry recovers at his country home.
Series 4 - Episode 1 1:00:00

Expired 3.0 216 x
Premiere. It is 1928 and Harry Selfridge is at the peak of his power and public celebrity.
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