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Coronation Street

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Total number of episodes: 896
Last episode broadcasted: 23/01/2015 at 19:30
Rating:   3.0 of 5 (902 votes)

Overview of all episodes.
  • 28:00 Coronation Street - Fri 23rd January

    3.0 | 13 x
    Will lives change in the outcome of the crash? Michelle has a tough decision to make. Yasmeen gives Roy a challenge.
  • 30:00 Coronation Street - Wed 21st January

    1.7 | 30 x
    Lives hang in the balance in the aftermath of the crash.
  • 28:00 Coronation Street - Mon 19th January

    3.0 | 22 x
    The factory staff prepare for a night to remember. How will Gary fare in court? Roy begins his community service.
  • 29:00 Coronation Street - Fri 16th January

    3.0 | 10 x
    Michael demands answers. Will Steve let Liz help him? Carla tells Roy to go easy on himself.
  • 28:00 Coronation Street - Thu 16th January

    3.0 | 3 x
    Will Gavin reveal all to Steph? Tony confides in an uncomfortable Michelle. Anna struggles to move forward.
  • 28:00 Coronation Street - Wed 14th January

    3.0 | 16 x
    Will Gail seize the day? Tracy is stuck between a rock and Tony. There is something about Mary.
  • 28:00 Coronation Street - Mon 12th January

    3.0 | 8 x
    A desperate Tracy lands herself in hot water. Have Gavin's lies caught up with him? Julie strolls into Mary's territory.
  • 28:00 Coronation Street - Fri 9th January

    3.0 | 15 x
    Has Chesney lost the groom? It is all too much for Steve. Mary lets them eat cake.
  • 28:00 Coronation Street - Wed 7th January

    3.0 | 18 x
    Nervous Michelle meets her date. Kirk has an attack of pre-wedding jitters. Will the police find Kylie?
  • 29:00 Coronation Street - Sat 27th December

    3.0 | 15 x
    The Platts panic over missing Max. Michelle tells Steve that she has a date. Beth's family give Kirk the once-over.

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