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Total number of episodes: 1379
Last episode broadcasted: 26/12/2014 at 18:30
Rating:   3.0 of 5 (1397 votes)

Overview of all episodes.
  • 30:00 Emmerdale - Fri 26th December

    3.0 | 8 x
    Jai leaves Megan with a dilemma. Katie has an idea regarding Robert. Belle is hopeful when offered a lifeline.
  • 1:00:00 Emmerdale - Tue 26th December

    3.0 | 12 x
    It is Andy and Katie's wedding day. Cain tries to cover his suspicious behaviour. Lachlan offers Belle a way to ease her problems.
  • 1:00:00 Emmerdale - Fri 22nd December

    3.0 | 9 x
    Fri 22nd December of the TV-show Emmerdale was broadcasted by ITV2 on Thursday 25 December 2014 at 19:00.
  • 30:00 Emmerdale - Fri 15th December

    3.0 | 6 x
    Andy and Robert's feud reaches boiling point. Charity manipulates Cain. Bernice finds comfort in an unlikely source.
  • 30:00 Emmerdale - Tue 23rd December

    3.0 | 6 x
    Moira and Charity's feud angers Cain. Adam is taken aback by Robert's offer. Kirin's future plans leave Vanessa uneasy.
  • 30:00 Emmerdale - Mon 22nd December

    3.0 | 3 x
    Charity pushes Moira too far. Kirin enjoys playing games with Rakesh. Nicola's plan leaves Bernice furious.
  • 30:00 Emmerdale - Fri 19th December

    3.0 | 3 x
    Robert schemes to get Lawrence off Ross's back. Rakesh has news for Charity. Rakesh and Priya form a plan.
  • 30:00 Emmerdale - Thu 18th December

    4.0 | 12 x
    Robert is unnerved as Lawrence plans revenge. Belle shocks Vanessa and Paddy. Pollard is frustrated at Val's charity efforts.
  • 30:00 Emmerdale - Wed 17th December

    3.0 | 1 x
    Robert must act quickly to protect his secret. Will Harriet help Finn find his mum? There is a surprise at Archie's party.
  • 30:00 Emmerdale - Tue 16th December

    3.0 | 5 x
    Robert panics as Chrissie nears the truth. Megan forms a plan when Ali grows suspicious. Moira is excited as Adam returns.

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