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Total number of episodes: 1372
Last episode broadcasted: 18/12/2014 at 19:00
Rating:   3.0 of 5 (1390 votes)

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  • 30:00 Emmerdale - Thu 18th December

    4.0 | 9 x
    Robert is unnerved as Lawrence plans revenge. Belle shocks Vanessa and Paddy. Pollard is frustrated at Val's charity efforts.
  • 30:00 Emmerdale - Wed 17th December

    3.0 | 1 x
    Robert must act quickly to protect his secret. Will Harriet help Finn find his mum? There is a surprise at Archie's party.
  • 30:00 Emmerdale - Tue 16th December

    3.0 | 5 x
    Robert panics as Chrissie nears the truth. Megan forms a plan when Ali grows suspicious. Moira is excited as Adam returns.
  • 30:00 Emmerdale - Mon 15th December

    3.0 | 13 x
    Diane's gift to Andy leaves Robert furious. Moira is sickened by Ross's latest game. Zak tries to make amends with Edna.
  • 30:00 Emmerdale - Tue 12th December

    3.0 | 5 x
    Belle is pushed further than ever. Victoria is desperate to make things right with Finn. David grows jealous of Pete.
  • 30:00 Emmerdale - Thu 11th December

    3.0 | 4 x
    Lachlan is intrigued by Belle. Bernice is envious of Nicola's news. David's efforts to impress do not go to plan.
  • 30:00 Emmerdale - Wed 10th December

    3.0 | 3 x
    Belle finds herself in further trouble. Nicola receives some unexpected news. Harriet supports Ashley on his big day.
  • 30:00 Emmerdale - Tue 9th December

    3.0 | 7 x
    Belle's behaviour causes concern. Ashley is faced with a difficult decision. Nicola and Bernice's dieting is unsuccessful.
  • 30:00 Emmerdale - Mon 8th December

    3.0 | 3 x
    Belle's art is sabotaged. Aaron uses Finn to his advantage. Ashley is forced to hide his good news from Harriet.
  • 30:00 Emmerdale - Fri 5th December

    3.0 | 5 x
    Belle struggles at the wedding. Harriet's actions come back to haunt her. Robert misjudges things with Aaron.

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