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Mon 31st August 30:00

3.0 2 x
Pete feels like an outcast. Aaron worries he has made things worse. Diane angers Pollard.
Fri 28th August 30:00

3.0 30 x
Emma relishes being needed. Rakesh takes a hard line with Jai. Eric's resentment of Diane grows.
Thu 27th August 58:00

3.0 27 x
Pete faces up to the past. Bob stands up to Ged. Sam learns Megan's secret.
Wed 26th August 30:00

3.0 46 x
Pete is rejected by his family. Rachel says goodbye to the village. Dan struggles with his guilt.
Fri 18th August 58:00

3.0 29 x
James begs Debbie for time. The villagers gather for Ruby's funeral. Brenda is horrified by Bob's request.
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