The Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills

Catch up tv on . Follow the lavish lives of six savvy champagne-swilling Beverly Hills women, born for shopping, partying and bitching.

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Episode 23: Reunion Part Revealed 1:00:00

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Reality series. Special episode featuring unseen moments, including Kim teaching Brandi how to act in a TV movie and Lisa and Joyce bonding over a candid dinner.
Episode 22: Reunion Part Three 1:00:00

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Reality series. Lisa is in the hot seat as Yolanda, Brandi and Kyle all discuss the problems they have had with her, before the husbands join in the argument.
Episode 21: Reunion Part Two 1:00:00

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Reality series. Brandi delves into the tough year she has had, while Kim does not hide her conflicted feelings about Lisa. Kyle and Carlton fail to reconcile.
Episode 20: Reunion Part One 1:00:00

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Reality series. The first of a three-part reunion special sees Andy Cohen question the women about the dramatic twists and turns over the course of the series.
Episode 19: Are You My Friend? 1:00:00

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Reality show. Following the drama in Puerto Rico, the ladies are reunited for a glamorous party at the Beverly Hilton hotel. Will friendships finally be mended?
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