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Requiem: Iris Prize-nominated short film. Evelyn tries to outwit her father so she can be with the woman she loves in this coming-of-age story set during the 1605 witch trials. Violence.

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June 2024
(2011) Comedy with Simon Bird, Joe Thomas, Blake Harrison and James Buckley. School is over, so the boys celebrate with an outrageous lads holiday in Crete. Very strong language/sex.
Ted & Noel: Iris Prize-nominated short film. Ted Brown - the iconic activist for queer and Black identities - wonders if he has the strength for one last fight.
(2019) Romantic drama about two 70-something women who've been secret lovers for decades, and the difficulty one of them has coming out to her adult kids. In French/subs.
Acclaimed psychological thriller. An obsessively private surveillance expert's work and private life become terrifyingly entangled.
Lemon: Iris Prize-nominated short film. A taxi driver dreaming of a different life faces a chaotic night of business around the streets of London. Strong language.
Drama based on a true story. When young Effie Gray becomes the wife of John Ruskin, it soon becomes apparent that Ruskin regards her as a muse rather than a wife.
The Talent: Iris Prize-nominated short film. On the set of a luxury car commercial, an overlooked assistant seizes his chance to get noticed by the star...
Malcolm: Iris Prize-nominated short film. In the aftermath of an emotionally abusive relationship, a man seeks couples counselling with a sock puppet likeness of his ex-boyfriend, Malcolm.
(2004) Breezy body-swap romcom. Following a disastrous birthday party, teen Jenna wishes she was '30, flirty and thriving'. And boom, she's Jennifer Garner with a fancy flat and a cool job.
Bailey, an old St Bernard dog, is approaching the end of his life, but he promises his owner Ethan that he will always be there to protect Ethan's granddaughter CJ.
As the Nazis advance against Britain's European allies, newly elected prime minister Winston Churchill must decide whether to negotiate with Hitler or fight for the greater good.
(1990) Action comedy with Arnold Schwarzenegger. A tough cop goes undercover as a kindergarten teacher. Tough? Ha! The kids'll take him down in no time.
Longing: Iris Prize-nominated short film. On the night before her flight home, a Malaysian woman with a secret finds herself on an impromptu date with another woman.
Romantic drama. Worried about what is to become of her five unmarried daughters, Mrs Bennet believes she may found an answer when a wealthy bachelor becomes their neighbour.
The heartwarming true story of shipyard crane operator Maurice Flitcroft, who, having never played a round of golf in his life, entered the 1976 British Open.
(2014) Thriller. Denzel Washington stars as an ex-soldier who comes out of retirement to help a teenage sex worker who's been assaulted by her pimp. Strong language/violence.
Stone: Tess travels to her estranged father's funeral hoping for some closure. But a huge revelation makes her wonder what else she doesn't know. Selected for the LGBT+ film festival award.
Fortune Favours the Fantabulous: Ghosts past and present visit a queer fortune teller and conjuror, plaguing their consciousness, and threatening their way of life, sanity and future.
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F***ed: The winner of 2023's prestigious Iris Prize for Best British Short. What exactly are the rules in an open relationship? Strong langauge.