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(1980) Crime drama with Richard Gere. A male escort falls for a senator's wife and is accused of a former client's murder. Very strong language/sex/drugs.

April 2024
(2022) Violent thriller. A plumber gets trapped in the crawlspace of a house with a load of cash. And two bad guys will shoot blindly at the walls to get it back. Strong language/drugs.
(2021) Comedy action starring Ryan Reynolds. Guy lives in Free City. Free City isn't real. Nor is Guy. It's all a big online game. Can he take down the corrupt game publisher? Violence.
(1995) Action thriller. Steven Seagal returns as former Navy Seal Casey Ryback. This time he must stop terrorists from destroying the USA's eastern seaboard. Very strong language/violence.
(2001) Crude, still-coming-of-age comedy with Jason Biggs and Eugene Levy. The lads' shenanigans continue as they return from college to do it - or not - all again. Strong language/sex.
(2021) Evocative and tender comedy drama tracking the ups and downs and round and rounds of a family on a road trip to get their eldest child out of Iran. In Persian/subs.
(1996) Adults-only thriller with Samuel L Jackson and Matthew McConaughey. When a man's daughter is raped, he takes lethal revenge. Can an inexperienced lawyer save him? Offensive language.
(2019) Takashi Miike's gory, violent thriller. Budding boxer Leo helps a woman who's been forced into prostitution but gets more than he bargained for. In Japanese/subs. Strong lang/drugs.
(2022) Comedy adventure with Sandra Bullock and Channing Tatum. When a romance novelist is kidnapped wearing a pink jumpsuit, her hapless cover model heads to the jungle to rescue her.
(1999) Coming-of-age comedy with Jason Biggs. Four high school boys enter a pact to lose their virginity before prom, while exploring the appeal of baked goods. Strong language/sex.
(2021) Found-footage supernatural horror. A young woman visits an Amish community to make a documentary about her family. But it all gets a bit demonic. Gory violence/strong language.
(2020) Blake Lively and Jude Law star in Reed Morano's thriller from the producers of 007. A woman seeks vengeance on the people who killed her family. Strong language/violence/drugs.
March 2024
(2021) Tom Hardy returns as Marvel's gnarly antihero, to face a symbiote spawned from Venom's own blood living inside a serial killer who looks just like Woody Harrelson. Yikes. Violence.
(1995) Action-adventure based on Michael Crichton's bestseller. An expedition deep into central Africa encounters a troop of intelligent killer apes.