24 Hours in A&E


Series 10 Episode 18

3.0 2 x
Self-declared 'independent old bugger' Harry, who's 83, is brought to St George's after collapsing while he was out shopping. And six-year-old Lilly has cut her head after falling off her scooter.

Series 11 Episode 1

3.0 1 x
David fell down the stairs at night; Jane, his wife, is worried but manages to see the funny side. Bob, who's 82, has had a DIY accident. Barrie has breathing difficulties.

Series 10 Episode 19

3.0 1 x
Ten-year-old Ashleigh is rushed to St George's after injuring her leg while playing football. Three-year-old Lola has had a seizure, and 91-year-old Betty has severe chest pain.

Series 10 Episode 21

3.0 0 x
Five-year-old Isa has been hit by a car, which witnesses had to lift off him. Tom, who's 26, has sliced his leg with a circular saw. Retired actor Donald has pain in his bladder.

Series 11 Episode 2

3.0 0 x
Angela's heart has been beating dangerously fast for eight hours. Andy has fallen 12 feet from a tree and badly fractured both his ankles. Shane, who's three, has fallen off his grandma's trampoline.
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