A Cotswold Farmshop

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A Cotswold Farmshop

At Warminster Malt House, Jane finds out what makes some of the local brews so special. And can service station employee Nadiyaa get her own range of silk scarves onto the shelves? (Ep6/6)

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September 2023
Non Solo Pasta, whose arancini is a farm shop bestseller, pitch their panettone in a bid to expand their offering. Butcher Dave inspects the livestock at Todenham Manor Farm. (Ep5/6)
August 2023
Nuno samples The Artisan Baker's new vegan pastries. Alex discovers how Cinderhill Farm's sausage rolls are made. And will Sarah's cinnamon twist cupcakes be a hit with customers? (Ep4/6)
We find out how Gloucester Services' stunning design, complete with grass roof and cathedral-like interior, came about. And will Bini's risky new Jammu curry impress buyer Alex? (Ep3/6)
At Woodchester Vineyard, we meet the mum and daughter producing a special sparkling wine. And does father and son Aaron and Perry's meat counter meet butcher boss Dan's standards? (Ep2/6)
Behind the scenes at the distinctive family-run Gloucester Service Station. We discover what makes Jonathan Crump's cheese so unique. And will Tom's cider make it onto the shelves? (Ep1/6)