A House Through Time

Series 4

Series 4, Episode 4

4.0 38 x
The Second World War puts our residents in danger. Leeds is a shock to a Greek war bride with a tragic past and a return for students who lived here at the Millennium.

Series 4, Episode 3

4.0 37 x
David follows the trails of a traumatised soldier on the run, a family man at breaking point and one resident who developed an interest in the paranormal.

Series 4, Episode 2

4.0 13 x
A ruthless factory owner is hit by an arson attack, a pacifist couple make a stand and one man sets sail for a life on the glamourous Atlantic liners.

Series 4, Episode 1

4.0 68 x
David Olusoga discovers a scandalous poisoning, a reversal of fortune for a Victorian factory girl and a building dynasty that helped create Leeds.

Series 3: Episode 4

4.0 56 x
David investigates the house’s history from World War II to the present, discovering tales of mystery and crime, before seeing the house renewed in the 21st century.

Series 3: Episode 3

4.5 59 x
Investigating the residents of No 10 Guinea Street, David Olusoga discovers a struggling entrepreneur and a World War I tragedy, and unmasks the mysterious Mrs Watson.

Series 3: Episode 2

4.0 40 x
David Olusoga traces the house’s fortunes from the late 18th to the mid-19th century, discovering tales of scandal, domestic violence and the asylum.

Series 3: Episode 1

4.0 150 x
David Olusoga investigates the residents of an 18th-century house in Bristol, uncovering stories of piracy, an abandoned baby, a notorious political writer and a runaway slave.

Series 2: Episode 4

4.7 307 x
David Olusoga uncovers infidelity and divorce, traces a WWII prisoner to Ravensworth Terrace, and sees the house fall into disrepair before it is restored for the 21st century.

Series 2: Episode 3

4.7 61 x
Tracking the house’s occupants in the early 20th century, David finds a boarding house landlady whose family is threatened by war and a young couple involved in terrorism.