A New Life in the Sun

July 2020

Series 4 Episode 35

3.0 34 x
An expat couple who run motocross holidays in Spain deal with their biggest booking. And can a café owner from Liverpool save her business from a flood on the Costa del Sol? (S4 Ep35)

Series 4 Episode 34

3.0 18 x
A pair of thrill-seekers move to Spain to open a motocross-themed B&B, and a mum from Liverpool arrives in Spain with a dream of running her own café bar. (S4 Ep34)

Series 4 Episode 33

3.0 17 x
In France, bad weather threatens to ruin a big booking for two expat gîte owners, while two British plant nursery owners launch garden craft courses. (S4 Ep33)

Series 4 Episode 32

4.0 11 x
Two British gîte owners tie the knot in France. But in Spain, after seven years of marriage, two expat hotel owners go their separate ways. (S4 Ep32)

Series 4 Episode 31

4.0 14 x
How do two expats cope when large rodents visit their gîte complex in France? And an ex-policeman and his husband take over a failing hotel in Spain. (S4 Ep31)

Series 5 Episode 35

4.0 29 x
It's the moment of truth for olive farmers in Spain. Plumbing problems threaten the launch of a tea room in France. And can a Teesside family cope when there's a fiesta in Spain? (S5 Ep35)

Series 5 Episode 34

3.7 21 x
A storm threatens to devastate an olive crop in Spain. A former teacher plans to tempt the French with afternoon tea. And a Teesside family become victims of their own success. (S5 Ep34)

Series 5 Episode 33

4.5 59 x
A couple from Manchester become accidental olive farmers. A Teesside family open their new restaurant in Spain. And there's an unexpected turn for cycle tour operators in Girona. (S5 Ep33)

Series 5 Episode 32

4.0 19 x
Holiday hosts in France are reviewed by a high-end travel website. Cycling tour operators on the Costa Brava struggle with logistics. And a Teesside family are at breaking point. (S5 Ep32)

Series 5 Episode 31

3.0 17 x
A family from Teesside buy a rundown property to turn into a restaurant in Spain. And a couple from Maidstone take on a cycling tour business in Girona. (S5 Ep31)