A New Life in the Sun

October 2017

Series 2 Episode 20

3.0 2 x
The owners of a French B&B venture into catering and host their first trial run. Two ice cream makers fight back as their business faces closure.

Series 2 Episode 19

3.0 1 x
In this episode, two ice cream lovers move to France and start churning it out. And there's troubleshooting needed for the owners of a gite complex in the Dordogne.

Series 2 Episode 18

3.0 0 x
Two British B&B owners battle with teething problems, an English-run boat charter in Spain gets a big water sports booking, and an ambitious home renovation project is in danger

Series 2 Episode 17

4.0 1 x
Two inexperienced hoteliers prepare for their first big booking in France. It's crunch time for a British restaurant in Spain, and a new charter boat business is stranded.

Series 2 Episode 16

3.0 0 x
The series following expats chasing new dream lives abroad. In this episode, a British charter boat sets sail in southern Spain. And a Scot tries opening a restaurant in the Costa del Sol.

Series 2 Episode 15

4.0 1 x
Can a couple make their yoga vision a success? Tempers fray at a new restaurant in a remote Spanish village, and France's newest B&Bers welcome a team of racing car drivers.

Series 2 Episode 14

3.0 0 x
Can a couple cope running a restaurant in a remote Spanish village? Two Brits struggle to turn a leaky barn into a yoga retreat in France, and two ex-pats welcome their first B&B guests.

Series 2 Episode 13

3.0 0 x
A couple's dream of a new life in France running a yoga retreat falls at the first hurdle, and a hairdresser has grand plans to expand in the Costa Blanca.

Series 2 Episode 12

3.0 0 x
A hairdresser from London takes on her first member of staff, and there's a nerve-racking moment for the owners of a water sports company when a kayaker fails to return.

Series 2 Episode 11

3.0 0 x
A straight-talking hairdresser from London tries to cut it as the Costa Blanca's newest stylist, and newlyweds start a new life as holiday hosts in the south of France