Amanda & Alan's Italian Job

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Amanda & Alan's Italian Job

Amanda and Alan are on the home stretch as they renovate the kitchen and reveal their restored 17th-century house to their Tuscan friends with an emotional farewell party.

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Series 2
The DIY duo face their biggest challenge yet, as Alan aims to transform the medieval tower room into a cinema, while Amanda hopes to turn her damp-ridden cellar into a wine grotto.
Amanda meets her match as she takes on the dark second bedroom and aims to transform it into a country chic boudoir inspired by the Tuscan sunrise.
Amanda and Alan divide and conquer, renovating the bathrooms. Amanda dreams big, converting a medieval tower room into a lavish en-suite, while Alan creates a minimalist wet room.
Inspired by the romance and history of Florence, Alan’s determined to have a mural as he takes on the first bedroom, but Amanda fears his creative juices could turn into a flood.
Amanda and Alan face their biggest challenge yet as they tackle the garden, an overgrown patch of land on the side of the mountain that’s has been untouched for more than a decade.
Amanda and Alan take on their first project, transforming the old dining room into a Tuscan living room, and face their first hurdle, as the windows turn out to be unsalvageable.
Amanda Holden and Alan Carr are packing their boiler suits once again to renovate a dilapidated 17th-century house bought for one euro in the idyllic region of northern Tuscany.
Series 1
Alan and Amanda are on the home stretch as they take on the interiors for the final room and reveal their labour of love to their Sicilian family with an emotional farewell party.
Amanda and Alan’s plans to create an open-plan living and dining room are jeopardised when they come up against a huge structural wall dividing the two spaces.
Alan has concerns over Amanda’s taste as she aims to bring a slice of Hollywood to Sicily in the master bedroom with a banana leaf-themed boudoir.
Amanda and Alan aim to transform the courtyard into a Mediterranean oasis. Alan delves into Sicily’s famous art scene, while Amanda tackles the building’s damaged exterior.
Alan takes charge of a bedroom, but doubt sets in as Amanda struggles with his vision. To nail his ‘rustic chic’ look, Alan visits designer Marie at her 300-year-old palazzo.
Amanda and Alan divide and conquer as they renovate the bathrooms, but struggle to get on board with each other’s vision when a bidet and disco ball spark a heated debate.
Amanda and Alan take on their first project, designing a Sicilian kitchen. Alan tackles demolition in 36-degree heat, and Amanda learns how to cook the island’s signature dish.
Amanda Holden purchases two rundown apartments for one euro each in rural Sicily and convinces best friend Alan Carr to spend a summer renovating them into an Italian dream home.