Series 6

Series 6, Episode 8

3.0 60 x
The Friday night shift takes its toll on crews in the capital as they deal with reports of an armed male and two stabbings.

Series 6, Episode 7

2.0 26 x
A 999 call for a patient who has been found hanging takes priority on the night shift.

Series 6, Episode 6

3.0 21 x
This episode shines a light on mental health services and the struggles faced by others as the stories behind the sirens have a deep and lasting impact on the staff and crews of the ambulance service.

Series 6, Episode 5

3.0 35 x
Following ambulance crews on duty in London on Halloween. A significant incident is declared after multiple callers report a bus crash.

Series 6, Episode 4

4.0 28 x
It’s payday weekend in London, and ambulance crews race to the scene of a double shooting, a stabbing, a brawl and a grandmother in need of CPR.

Series 6, Episode 3

4.0 32 x
Trainee 999 call handler Mackenzie is put to the test when she takes a call from a patient in labour with twins.

Series 6, Episode 2

3.0 44 x
Joining ambulance staff caring for nine million people on a day of political protests in the capital.

Series 6, Episode 1

3.0 62 x
Filmed in the autumn of 2019, cameras follow a new cast of characters from the London Ambulance Service as they care for the nine million people of the city.

Series 5 - Liverpool: Episode 6

4.5 75 x
Call handler Brogan has to guide one caller through the process of performing lifesaving CPR while they wait for an ambulance to arrive.

Series 5 - Liverpool: Episode 5

3.0 39 x
A man found slumped in his car in the city centre turns on the good samaritan who called an ambulance for him, leaving the caller needing emergency hospital treatment.