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Antiques Road Trip

Natasha Raskin Sharp and Phil Serrell shop in Northern Ireland before an auction in Wales. An unexpected bidding frenzy helps one expert take the win and the Road Trip crown.

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Series 26
In Scotland, experts Natasha Raskin Sharp and Philip Serrell find rare first edition books, watercolours by local artists and a plate of delicious homemade scones.
Natasha Raskin Sharp and Philip Serrell hunt for antiques in Scotland. While Tash goes French with some candlesticks, Phil reverts to type and buys old, weighty farm troughs.
Natasha and Phil continue their antiquing adventure around the Scottish Borders with food on their mind, picking up a fish service, a sandwich box and a silver kettle.
Friends and rivals Natasha Raskin Sharp and Philip Serrell set off on a new trip from the Lake District. Expect a portable Victorian loo, a toy lion and three unhappy bears.
Ishy and Izzie are on their last legs in the Midlands! Broken pineapples, legless glass ladies, mystery board games and an antique pub table – what will make them money at auction?
Antiquers Izzie Balmer and Ishy Khan do Derbyshire. A 1930s necklace and a miniature croquet set head to auction, but only after a night-time rowboat escapade.
Auctioneer Izzie Balmer and jewellery expert Ishy Khan explore all things Yorkshire in their vintage motor. Will a very old and rare padlock be the key to an auction win?
Road trip regular Izzie Balmer and new recruit Ishy Khan head for the Pennines. Expect an alligator and a tale of an eccentric gardener before a Barnsley auction.
Izzie Balmer sets off with a new rival in the classic car, Ishy Khan. These jewellery experts compete to find profitable antiques in the Lakes but discover an American president.
It's Mark Hill and Irita Marriott’s final chance to find profit-making collectables, but will a shoe-shaped pin cushion or a 1970s motorbike sell for the most at auction?
Experts Irita Marriott and Mark Hill go treasure hunting in the Fens. They find an antique that hides a secret and another that could be the show’s most gruesome buy yet.
Irita Marriott and Mark Hill cruise their way around East Anglia on a search for treasures from a bygone era. They find a rare blue duck and sought-after Hungarian porcelain.
Irita Marriott and Mark Hill continue their search for money-making treasures. Some anatomy moulds and a 200-year-old ornament go under the gavel.
Dealers Irita Marriot and Mark Hill set out on their first trip together, hunting for antiques to sell at auction. But when the hammer goes down, who will come out on top?
Catherine and David are steaming to auction to end their south coast jamboree, with an antique eel spear and a fetish doll. But will Catherine ever get out of second gear?
David and Catherine go digging for bargains on the Jurassic Coast. Catherine is attracted to old iron, David is daft for Delft, and they shake it all up with a cocktail.
Catherine Southon and David Harper are shopping on the Isle of Wight and across Hampshire. David goes Dutch, but not before learning about French soldiers’ passion for garlic.
Catherine Southon and David Harper call on a doggy antiques appraiser as they trip along the Sussex coast. David gets into trouble playing cricket in a shop full of china.
It’s a feisty reunion in Kent for veteran road trippers Catherine Southon and David Harper as they discover that ten years apart hasn’t dulled their competitive edge.