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Apple Tree House

Preschool drama series. While playing tents, the children hear a news story about families who are living in tents because they have lost their homes.

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Series 1
Preschool drama series. Mali and Grandma Zainab decide to help out at Flo's cafe by baking a cake, but Kobi ruins the cake.
Preschool drama series. Grandma Zainab loves talking books, so when her favourite old cassette tape breaks, the children decide to re-enact the story to cheer her up.
Preschool drama series. It's Ramadan and Kobi and Patience need to change their plans to accommodate Mali's family. Sam tries to find a way to make everyone happy.
Preschool drama series. After a journey home from the city, Grandma Zainab, Sam and Mali start to wonder how the bus driver always knows where to bring them.
Preschool drama series. Mali is struggling to think of a picture for school, so Sam tells him a story about putting things off until the last minute.
Preschool drama series. As Mali gets used to living in a new home, he starts to worry about starting at a new school. Luckily, lots of friends are on hand to help him.
Series 3
Poor Laila’s been ill, she’s not been out for days and now it’s raining. Luckily Mali, Sam and Bella are on hand to remind her about all the amazing things at Apple Tree House.
Series 2
Preschool drama series. Mali's is exhausted by his great 'home holiday' at Apple Tree House. Bella and Sam realise a holiday is a time to have fun - wherever you are!
Series 1
Preschool drama series. Mali and his family have just moved into Apple Tree House and are hungry for some of Grandma Zainab's magnificent mango pudding.
Series 3
Bella thinks her new friends are 'totes' amazing. Laila is sad but Sam and Eli are convinced Bella won't miss the storytelling trip or let the community band down.
Laila is intrigued by the idea of Chinese New Year and decides to create her own festival celebration. But not everyone is enthusiastic about 'Laila Day'.
When Kobi and Sam fall out, Bella is intent on helping them make up. But things don't go to plan and Bella learns that family disputes can sometimes drag on.
Kobi's gone on holiday and arranged for Rickie to cover him as temporary caretaker. When everyone really likes Rickie, David worries that she might take over the job for good.
When Finn reveals he’s scared of Bella’s cat, Bella, Mali and Annie help him understand the relationship between humans and animals.
When Sam, David and Kobi find a ‘lost’ piano they are determined to reunite it with the owner. Their investigation looks set to fail until Mrs Richards has a brilliant suggestion.
Series 2
Preschool drama series. David and Sam convince Kobi to let them take care of Nibbles during the school break, but things don't quite go to plan.
Series 3
Finn's dad's acrobatic tricks for the festival aren't working. Sam suggests Errol focus on one trick at a time, but it's a book about the circus that provides the perfect finale.
When Grandma Zainab takes Sam and David on a mission to pick up the community centre keys, they find themselves busy helping out all kinds of people on the estate.
Laila’s dad Steve accidentally leaves her favourite toy at his new friend’s house. Laila doesn’t understand why her dad needs a new friend and she's nervous to meet her.