Art Attack

January 2014

Episode 26

3.0 219 x
More ingenious arty ideas. Neil makes a room look like it is underwater with swimming fish and a boat bobbing on the ceiling!

Episode 25

3.0 214 x
Neil Buchanan shows how to make a box that can make all your secret things disappear, turns a piece of rubbish into beautiful art and demonstrates how to print a picture.
December 2013

Episode 24

3.0 213 x
Today, Neil Buchanan gives tips on designing a flashy sports car, demonstrates how to hide away precious things and gets creative with poppy seeds in a big Art Attack.

Episode 23

3.0 158 x
Today, Neil Buchanan demonstrates how to make pictures more realistic by adding shadows, creates a fishy Big Art Attack, and shows an arty way of remembering holidays.

Episode 13

3.0 92 x
Neil Buchanan gives tips on drawing water and demonstrates spooky ways to keep a watch over possessions. And he battles some unexpected weather to create a big Art Attack.

Episode 18: Christmas Episode

3.0 177 x
Neil Buchanan presents the fast-moving art show packed with festive tips and eye-catching visuals. Featuring something special for the top of the Christmas tree.

Episode 22

3.0 136 x
Neil Buchanan shows how to make a special greeting card, creates an impressive sculpture out of an old sponge, give tips on fast sketching and paints on a grand scale.

Episode 21

3.0 128 x
Neil demonstrates how to turn ordinary photos into a comic strip with a photo-story frame, how to create bizarre hairstyles and how to both paint or colour a picture.

Episode 20

3.0 124 x
Neil Buchanan demonstrates a simple way to get a watery effect into pictures and looks at a way to make drawings more spooky before recycling newspapers the Art Attack way.

Episode 19

3.0 108 x
Neil Buchanan demonstrates a fun way to guess the future, how to use a pencil to get real power into a cartoon, and how to make unique badges for the whole gang.
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