As Time Goes By

Series 10

Series 10, Episode 2 - Christmas Special Part Two

4.0 49 x
Romantic comedy. Patrick is looking for his father, Jean wants grandchildren, Stephen wants to be a celebrity, and Lionel wants peace and quiet. How do they all end up in hospital?

Series 10, Episode 1 - Christmas Special Part One

4.0 26 x
Romantic comedy. Jean and Lionel are looking forward to Sandy's and Harry's return after a year in Canada, and Jean is looking forward to Sandy and Judith having babies.
Series 4

Series 4, Episode 8 - Wedding Day Nerves

4.0 21 x
While Lionel suffers an attack of the wedding day wobbles, bride-to-be Jean does her utmost to remain calm in spite of her sister-in-law's efforts.

Series 9: 5. As Time Goes By - Compilation Special

4.0 22 x
One-hour special of the romantic sitcom. Alistair and Judith have married, and Sandy and Harry have gone to Canada. On their own at last, Jean and Lionel look back on their life together.