As Time Goes By

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As Time Goes By

It’s the day of Lionel’s book launch, and Alistair has a new publicity stunt prepared in case sales start flagging.

Series 2
Jean’s personal life has become the focal point of conversation between Judy and Sandy. Lionel offers Jean a free cruise holiday, but her response is not what he’d imagined.
Jean and Lionel bump into Jean’s sister-in-law and get asked to stay for the weekend. They decide to lie about how long they’ve known each other, but this catches up with them.
As the book launch draws near, Lionel gets more and more pessimistic about its success and begins to question Alistair’s constant enthusiasm.
Lionel takes Jean to Hampshire to meet his father - who has a surprise announcement to make.
When both Judy and Alistair go away for the weekend, Jean tries everything to avoid spending the weekend alone with Lionel.
Lionel’s autobiography is finished. His publisher wants a picture of him on the cover, but Lionel is convinced this will stave off potential buyers.
Series 1
Realising how absurd it is that Judy and Alistair have feelings for Jean and Lionel instead of each other, the elders plan a picnic to show them that they are meant to be together.
After their visit to Norwich, it becomes clear that Alistair is in love with Jean, not Judy. Meanwhile, Jean aims to get back at Lionel for what happened at the lecture.
Jean and Judy pay Lionel a surprise visit at a conference in Norwich, but find him staying with another woman. Meanwhile, Alistair starts to show more interest in Jean.
Lionel and Jean spend the day walking around an old town they used to visit when they were young. They find that even though things have changed, their treasured memories remain.
Jean sends Sandy to Lionel’s hotel to assist him with his book revisions. But when she arrives, she is told he has checked out, and a charade of confusion follows.
Jean is baffled when her daughter goes out with one of her clients. When the two meet, they realise they were once lovers, separated during the Korean War.
Series 6
Sitcom about a couple who are reunited after years apart. Alistair comes up with a plan to give Jean the surprise treat of a lifetime.
Series 10
Romantic comedy. Patrick is looking for his father, Jean wants grandchildren, Stephen wants to be a celebrity, and Lionel wants peace and quiet. How do they all end up in hospital?
Romantic comedy. Jean and Lionel are looking forward to Sandy's and Harry's return after a year in Canada, and Jean is looking forward to Sandy and Judith having babies.
Series 4
While Lionel suffers an attack of the wedding day wobbles, bride-to-be Jean does her utmost to remain calm in spite of her sister-in-law's efforts.
One-hour special of the romantic sitcom. Alistair and Judith have married, and Sandy and Harry have gone to Canada. On their own at last, Jean and Lionel look back on their life together.