January 2020

1. Natalie Wood

4.0 14 x
Expert analysis of evidence in the death of Natalie Wood.

2. The Last Days of John Belushi

4.0 10 x
Beloved for his characters, he had a reputation for excess.
December 2019

3. Cory Monteith

3.0 5 x
Dr Jason Payne-James investigates the death of the 'teen' star of TV series Glee.

7. The Last Hours of Jimi Hendrix

4.0 14 x
Rock star Jimi Hendrix died in his London flat aged just 27.

6. The Last Days of Steve McQueen

4.0 1 x
Dr Michael Hunter examines medical records to find the truth.

1. Kurt Cobain

4.0 3 x
Dr Jason Payne-James investigates Kurt Cobain's death.

8. The Last Days of Richard Pryor

3.0 12 x
What caused the comedian to die at the early age of 65?

4. Judy Garland

4.0 4 x
Dr Jason Payne-James examines the legend's death at only 47.

5. The Last Days of Maurice Gibb

4.0 3 x
Dr Jason Payne-James investigates the death of Maurice Gibb.
September 2019

2. Patrick Swayze

3.0 27 x
What really happened to the actor, singer and dancer?
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