Baby Shark's Big Show

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Baby Shark's Big Show

Baby Shark must overcome his one big fear when he meets a real-life ghostfish.

Series 2
The friends get locked out when they can't remember the password to their clubhouse.
The Sharks compete in games to see which of them is the Monday Funday Chomp-ion.
The owner of Iceberg Ice Cream leaves Baby Shark and William in charge of his parlour.
When Baby builds a clubhouse, Hank has no idea what to put in his personal nook.
Series 1
It's a battle of the dads when Grandpa and Daddy can't agree on the best way to camp.
Baby and his family get their own reality TV show. What could go wrong?
Baby and William go on a big adventure, helping the Mail Whale with his deliveries.
Baby enlists Goldie's help to show Penny Piranha how to stop biting.
William starts to worry about why his family looks different to everyfishy elses'.
Series 2
Baby and Teensy embrace their fancy side to win a dance contest for pets.
A noisy water bug takes up residence in the Shark's home.
Series 1
Baby Shark and William must find a champion mini-golf player to defeat a selfish fish.
Baby Shark and William must travel to dark depths to retrieve Baby's lost microphone.
Baby Shark and friends are playing knights and royals.
Shadow rebrands the Wreck as his own personal amusement park.
Vigo and Costello enter a gameshow to win an evil prize.
A mysterious masked fish causes trouble for Goldie's magnum opus.
When Baby's new neighbor doesn't like him Baby pulls out all the stops to change his mind.
Vigo steals the colour from the coral in Carnivore Cove.