Baewatch: Parental Guidance

April 2019

Episode 8 Dominique & Alexi

Expired 4.2 106 x
Student Dominique and her first ever boyfriend Alexi are put to the test over 48 hours during a break in the sun. Will the pair make it through intact?

Episode 7 Bobby & Carla

Expired 4.0 88 x
School friends turned bed buddies Bobby and Carla head for a romantic trip as the family secretly observe, stress-test and judge the couple's state of romance

Episode 6 Sean & Jordi

Expired 2.9 297 x
Whirlwind lovers Sean and Jordi have been together a month and are sure they're made for each other. Will they still think so after being tested by Jordi's folks?

Episode 5 Nathan & Mikey

Expired 4.6 168 x
Hairdresser Nathan puts his relationship with boyfriend Mikey to the test while his mum and aunty watch the couple's every move

Episode 4 Pia & Mike

Expired 4.4 392 x
Aspiring singer Pia puts her relationship with Mike to the test on a romantic holiday. Do Pia's parents feel Mike is Mr Right for their daughter after watching the couple in action?
March 2019

Episode 3 Al & Jade

Expired 4.5 153 x
Sweethearts Al and Jade have their relationship tested by Al's formidable mum and big sister. Mum is in for some big surprises, especially concerning her own son.

Episode 2 Sam & Marlie

Expired 3.5 175 x
Fiery party couple Sam and Marlie are under the lens watched by Sam's mum and aunt during a romantic getaway in the sun

Episode 1 Kayleigh & Andy

Expired 4.3 237 x
Long-distance lovers Andy and Kayleigh are watched by Kayleigh's nan and sister, who have never met Andy. The family have concerns about the mystery man they know nothing about.
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