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Beat The Chef

Home cook and barbecue fan Richard Merkl hopes to give chef Frederick Forster a good grilling with his Tomahawk steak. But can he rise to Frederick's ultimate challenge? (S2 Ep10)

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Series 2
Amateur cook John Paul takes on chef Sophie Michell with his spicy pork tacos. But will Sophie's lamb dish have John running for the hills, or can he leave the kitchen minted? (S2 Ep26)
Andi Oliver hosts, as amateur cook Paul Dowling serves up his speciality game pie. But will it be sink or swim when chef Frederick Forster brings out his signature seafood dish? (S2 Ep8)
Andi Oliver hosts, as home cook Abbi Simms takes on chef Hrishikesh Desai with her sweet potato gnocchi. But can she master chef's posh pie to earn her crust and scoop the prize? (S2 Ep7)
Andi Oliver hosts. Home cook Camelia Singh hopes that her goat curry will win her the £10,000 prize. But Michelin-starred chef Mark Sargeant isn't going down without a food fight! (S2 Ep6)
Talented amateur cook Lulu Marodeen takes on professional chef Mark Sargeant in a battle of the bananas. Will Lulu's soggy pastry leave her chances in shreds? Andi Oliver hosts. (S2 Ep5)
Talented amateur cook Jaya Mistry spices things up with her family Indian recipe. But when she bakes professional chef Frederick Forster's apple tart, will Jaya's hopes crumble? (S2 Ep4)
Andi Oliver hosts, as home cook Becca Ballard goes head-to-head with executive chef Sophie Michell. Can Becca's toffee banana cake sweeten up the judges and help her win the prize? (S2 Ep3)
Andi Oliver hosts, as confident Chris Dickens takes on Michelin-starred chef Hrishikesh Desai. Can Chris's scallops win him the prize, or will the pasta machine have him in a spin? (S2 Ep2)
Andi Oliver hosts the culinary combat, as skilful amateur cooks compete against professional chefs. Former pilot Chris Topham takes on chef Mark Sargeant, but who will be top gun? (S2 Ep1)
Fine dining fan Gary Fox shows off his mussels with a fish dish, as he takes on Hrishikesh Desai. Will he be a fish out of water when Hrishikesh serves up some fancies of his own? (S2 Ep9)
Natasha Worrall hopes that her daughter's favourite dish of Greek meatballs will stump chef Sophie Michell. But can she beat Sophie at her own family favourite of mac 'n' cheese? (S2 Ep22)
Confident cook Jack Bispham pits his Asian-style sea bass against the culinary might of chef Frederick Forster. But which fish will the food jury think is the catch of the day? (S2 Ep25)
Amateur cook David Solomon hopes to snap up a winner with his speciality roasted salmon. But will chef Sophie Michell's tricky chocolate fondant put David in a sticky situation? (S2 Ep24)
Megan Kent takes on chef Frederick Forster with her egg yolk-filled ravioli. But will she crack under the pressure, and will Frederick's cottage pie make minced meat of her? (S2 Ep18)
Culinary contender Haley Birch pits her Caribbean-inspired fish stew against chef Hrishikesh Desai. But she's left in a sticky situation when chef serves up his toffee pudding. (S2 Ep23)
Andi Oliver hosts, as home cook Ben Coombes takes on chef Hrishikesh Desai with his 'freestyle' technique. Will Ben's creative touch with chef's lamb rump win him the cash? (S2 Ep21)
Bride-to-be Yemi King hopes that her chicken with white wine and lemon sauce is a match made in heaven. But chef Frederick Forster and his spiced duck breast have other ideas. (S2 Ep20)
It's a battle of the burgers as Natalie Craig takes on chef Sophie Michell - the food and drink director of a burger chain! There's bacon, cheese, chips and dips, but who'll win? (S2 Ep19)
Home cook Sam Keefe hopes to wrap up the competition with his Thai salmon filo parcel. But chef Sophie Michell adds some real meat to the challenge with her signature Dexter beef. (S2 Ep17)