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Below Deck

We Made It, Ya Sl*gs: An exhausted Rachel struggles to focus during the last dinner service, and simmering crew tensions boil over during their final night out. (S9 Ep14)

Series 9
Unfinished Business: Captain Lee worries that the crew's service is slipping. Eddie struggles to earn back Rayna's trust. Plus: a picnic with a special guest. (S9 Ep13)
New Stew on the Block: Eddie gets to the bottom of Rayna's frustration and is surprised by what he uncovers, while Fraser's insecurities are put to the test. (S9 Ep12)
Shoulda Joined the Navy: Rachel handles a challenging dinner service, a new stew brings out Fraser's insecurities, and one deckhand reaches breaking point. (S9 Ep11)
Plenty of Jake to Go Around!: As mistakes from the deck team continue to mount, Heather feels like she's at a dead end with Jessica and decides to make a change. (S9 Ep7)
He Kissed a Boy and He Liked It: Heather and the crew plan an 80s-themed surprise party for the primary's 75th birthday, but not everything goes to plan. (S9 Ep6)
Bourbon Buffoonery: Heather's on a mission to redeem herself from the first charter's housekeeping errors and improve her team's performance, annoying her stews. (S9 Ep3)
Boat Daddy: Captain Sean's hands-on managerial style continues to frustrate Eddie as the staff work hard to pull off an elaborate beach picnic for the guests. (S9 Ep2)
Brand new series - The Smell of Sweat and Desperation: Rachel struggles with the primary's requests. Rayna battles with her feelings. Romance is in the air on a wild day off. (S9 Ep10)
Brand new series - When Eddie Met Sally: Captain Lee is frustrated with Eddie and the deck team. Rayna feels like her performance on deck is being affected by other crew members. (S9 Ep9)
Brand new series - Compliments of Captain Lee's Travel Agency: Jessica welcomes a budding romance, while Captain Lee and Eddie grow weary of the deck crew's performance. (S9 Ep8)
Brand new series - Leave Your Emotions at the Cabin Door: Eddie deals with his relationship fallout as Jake and Rayna try to figure out their feelings after Jake's revelation. (S9 Ep5)
Brand new series - P*****-On Chickens Can't Compare: The crew experiences poor behaviour from one of the guests, and Jake struggles with his new position. (S9 Ep4)
Brand new series - One Step Closer to World Domination: As the new season begins, lingering tension from last year's charter season threatens the harmony of the yacht. (S9 Ep1)
Series 8
Premature Evacuation: Izzy and Rob's relationship turns dark, James makes a shocking betrayal, and world events completely alter the course of the charter. (S8 Ep16)
Don't Cry for Me Antigua: Ashling suffers the consequences of her white lie while Izzy's promotion creates waves. A condiment mishap fuels the contention. (S8 Ep15)
Hide the Salami: Francesca loses trust in Elizabeth, Rachel continues to grow frustrated, and the crew become fearful of Covid as it ramps up back home. (S8 Ep14)
James' Big Cannoli: The team prepare for a beach clean, but feelings sour when Francesca finds out that subordinates slept in a guest cabin without permission. (S8 Ep13)
Blue Skies and UTIs: Rachel's antics continue to torment the crew, and Captain Lee opens up to Francesca about a personal tragedy. (S8 Ep12)
Blood in the Water: Captain Lee grants the crew a relaxing day off, only for them to be mortified by Rachel's erratic actions. And Izzy's condition worsens. (S8 Ep11)