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Below Deck Sailing Yacht

All Roads Lead to Gaisy: The crew scramble to execute the perfect wedding reception dinner, and enjoy their final night together before saying goodbye. (S3 Ep17)

Series 3
Parsifal's First Wedding: The crew face their biggest challenge yet - with hangovers. Marcos prepares a three-tiered gluten-free wedding cake. (S3 Ep16)
Salty Seamen: The weather gets even worse; can the crew avoid running aground again? And the guests challenge the crew to a relay race. (S3 Ep15)
Smashley: Scarlett feels stuck between having fun with Gary and maintaining peace in the interior. And Marcus plans to combine science with food. (S3 Ep14)
Budding Boatmance: Ashley is disappointed with her new title. And Marcos navigates a myriad of dietary restrictions while preparing a 10-course meal. (S3 Ep13)
New Girl Aboard: Ashley feels competitive when new stew Scarlett arrives to fill the empty position. So Ashley stirs up trouble on the crew night out. (S3 Ep12)
Paging Dr Nipples: New deckhand Barnaby arrives. The crew pull together to help the understaffed interior. And Marcos shines from the galley. (S3 Ep11)
Villa Today, Gone Tomorrow: After another successful charter, the crew celebrate with a day off in a luxury villa. But Marcos and Gabriela bump heads... again. (S3 Ep10)
Tensions High, Patience Low: Gary's finger gets stuck in the saloon doors. Gabriela tries to amend her relationship with the crew, but she still feels isolated. (S3 Ep9)
Big Fender Energy: Installing new - and massive - fenders while being a man down results in a chaotic docking. And the crew have yet another messy night out. (S3 Ep8)
Strip for the Tip: Can Glenn trust Tom? And the Parsifal crew pull together a talentless talent show for the energetic charter guests. (S3 Ep7)
Yacht on the Rocks: Parsifal runs aground during a night of strong winds. Later, can a night of fun help the stressed-out crew forget their hectic morning? (S3 Ep6)
Loose Lips Sink Ships: Tom receives devastating news from home. Ashley and Gabriela continue to argue. And strong wind puts Parsifal in a perilous situation. (S3 Ep5)
Oopsie Daisy: Chef Marcos is determined to impress hard-to-please guests, until he gets injured! And Glenn joins the final dinner. (S3 Ep4)
Omelette You Finish, But...: Daisy steps in when her stews fight for authority and a returning group of demanding charter guests pose a challenge for Marcos. (S3 Ep3)
Age-old Problems: Parsifal's new crew try to figure out how they can work together. The first crew night out ends in conflict when Ashley insults Tom's maturity. (S3 Ep2)
Tom Foolery: The new crew board Parsifal. Gary has his hands full managing two new deckhands while Daisy's stews compete for the second stew position. (S3 Ep1)
Series 2
Last Call for Parsifal!: The crew have their final charter. Their last night out turns into a wet and wild bubble bash, before most of them say their goodbyes. (S2 Ep16)
Sexual Heeling: Following a raging argument, Colin calls a department head meeting. And Captain Glenn announces that a last-minute charter is coming aboard. (S2 Ep15)
No Shirt, No Clue, Big Problems: Tired of his crew making mistakes, Glenn keeps a close eye on them. And a women's empowerment dinner takes a nasty turn. (S2 Ep14)