Ben Fogle New Lives in The Wild

September 2019

5. Laos

4.0 0 x
Ben journeys to southeast Asia to live with former city financier Jon Watkinson.

4. Swedish Arctic Circle

3.0 0 x
Ben Fogle meets a Brit who now lives in the Arctic Circle.

3. Gadacs, Hungary

3.0 3 x
Ben joins a couple beginning a new life in rural Hungary.

1. North Cascades, Washington State USA

4.0 0 x
Ben stays with former punk Lynx who lives in the wilderness.

2. Ruaha National Park, Tanzania

4.0 1 x
Ben Fogle meets safari guides in a Tanzanian national park.

3. Utah

4.0 1 x
Ben Fogle meets two brothers who live in the wilds of Utah.

2. Alaska

3.0 1 x
Ben Fogle is in Alaska battling mosquitoes and eating bear.

8. Morocco, Atlas Mountains

4.0 1 x
Ben meets a couple who dreamt of living in a mud house.

6. Khatgal, Outer Mongolia

4.0 1 x
Ben spends a week in the freezing tundra of Outer Mongolia.

7. Appalachian Mountains, North Carolina

3.0 0 x
Ben meets a former engineer now living a primitive life.
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