Ben Fogle New Lives in The Wild

July 2020


3.0 0 x
Documentary series. In Alaska, Ben Fogle meets a couple who quit the rat race to live in a remote, self-built log cabin ten days' walk from civilisation. Ben uses his time with them to experience the true meaning of forest survival by battling mosquitoes, learning to cope with the 24-hour daylight and even eating bear.


4.0 5 x
For the first time on New Lives in the Wild, Ben heads to Africa and the deep desert sand dunes of Namibia. He lives with 50-year-old Gideon David and his young family in the largest conservation area on the continent. Gideon is a master bushman who quit a city career in life insurance for the dry and dusty desert.Ben embr...
June 2020

British Columbia, Canada

4.0 36 x
Ben journeys back to the wild forest mountains of British Columbia to re-join former war correspondent Julius Strauss and his wife Kristin.

Fiji, Pacific Ocean

4.0 27 x
Ben Fogle revisits people living off-grid to see how their lives have progressed. Ben returns to the Pacific Ocean to catch up with Rick, whose life has changed since they last met. Rick is now sailing solo and has a new boat.


4.5 11 x
The mighty Amazon river is where Ben's own personal travel adventures began. More than 25 years later, he is back to meet Chris, a Scotsman who has chosen to make his home in one of the most remote areas of this jungle.


3.0 14 x
Ben journeys to Ireland's rugged Atlantic coastline to stay with artist Judith, a widow of 80 who rejected a modern way of life for one closer to nature.

Arkansas, USA

4.0 26 x
Robert left behind an urban life for a stark existence deep in the woodlands of Arkansas. Ben learns how a lapse of concentration nearly cost Robert everything.


3.0 29 x
Ben visits the vast wilderness of North West Canada to meet Jeff and Rose and their five daughters, a family of adventurous off-gridders who rely on hunting big-game animals to survive.


4.0 8 x
Ben travels to the vast forests of the Rhodope Mountains in Bulgaria to join Miriam and her husband Peter, a couple who have chosen life as nomads, hiking through some of the world's most striking wildernesses. They are educated, unemployed and homeless - and it's just the way they like it.


4.0 6 x
Randi was the first Norwegian woman to climb Everest, and now she uses her life on a remote Arctic Circle island to inspire others - including Ben.
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