Ben Fogle New Lives in The Wild


Season 6, Episode 8: Cambodia

3.0 43 x
Ben Fogle travels to Cambodia to live with a fellow Brit who is raising his own castaway tribe on a tropical island. Ben sleeps in a hammock, drinks rainwater and experiences how fragile life is for this family on their tiny island.

Season 6, Episode 6: Guatemala

4.0 63 x
Ben discovers why Mike Merrill, a former sound engineer from Texas, decided to build a backpackers hostel deep in the Guatemalan jungle. He also gets stuck into building projects, machete fishing and tubing a dangerous river to transport vital supplies, and sees how Mike interacts with the local Mayan people.

Season 6, Episode 5

4.0 34 x
In a remote part of Andalucia in Spain, Ben meets a couple from Brighton who gave up their careers to breed alpacas.

Season 6, Episode 4: New Zealand

4.0 61 x
Ben travels to an island off the New Zealand coast to meet a man who gave up a promising career in medicine to live off grid in a secluded forest. Ben discovers that his maverick host is an escapee from the Iran-Iraq war who has embraced a rugged new life in the bush.

7. Appalachian Mountains, North Carolina

2.5 86 x
Ben meets a former engineer now living a primitive life.

6. Khatgal, Outer Mongolia

3.0 31 x
Ben spends a week in the freezing tundra of Outer Mongolia.

5. Ibiza

4.0 17 x
Ben travels to Ibiza to meet a former merchant sailor.

4. The Selkirk Mountains, British Columbia, Canada

3.0 21 x
Ben meets two former journalists now living as bear guides.

3. Gadacs, Hungary

3.0 26 x
Ben joins a couple beginning a new life in rural Hungary.

2. Ruaha National Park, Tanzania

4.0 26 x
Ben Fogle meets safari guides in a Tanzanian national park.
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