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When the washing machine floods the kitchen, Biff and Chip go on an imaginative adventure, diving deep under the ocean to retrieve some special sea cakes for their desert island.

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Series 2
When the dinosaur art class, choir and fitness groups all book the community centre at the same time, can Nadim the ‘sing-o-saurus’ help them all have a roar-some time together?
Chip is determined to win the prize in a Robinsons v Pages special games night, packed with fun-filled party games. But who’ll win in the end, and does it really matter?
When both Kipper and Lin are determined to be the one and only ninja fairy in their game, Lee runs a competition to judge who is worthy of the title.
Inspired by his beautiful flowers, Biff and Anneena think Grandpa Chen must use magic to make them grow and try some of his magic techniques to help their own flowers bloom.
After Chip’s new model aeroplane goes missing, he and Wilf become detectives to track down the dastardly person who took it. Will they crack the case and find the culprit?
After Biff upsets Chip by reading their favourite spy comic without him, she and Kipper must mount a daring secret spy mission to deliver the comic to Chip and say sorry.
Biff and friends help the community fun run stay on track after Mrs Page forgets to put up arrows to mark the way. Will the runners find the finish, and who will win best costume?
When Lee’s favourite teddy goes missing during a sleepover, Kipper and Lee become convinced that Biff and Chip are hiding a teddy-snatching monster under the stairs!
When Mum and Mrs Page agree to play recorders together, they soon find they’re not as good as they once were. Can Biff, Wilf and Wilma help them get ready for the big performance?
When a glittery letter is wrongly posted through the letterbox, Kipper is convinced it belongs to a fairy, so the kids set off with Gran to deliver it to the rightful recipient.
In a bid to prove they can handle a pet of their own, Wilf and Wilma are looking after Floppy for the weekend. But it’s tougher than they think, and things soon get a bit messy.
Biff and Chip help Mum and Dad get ready for a special pizza night. But, with Mum cooking up chaos and the children in charge of Dad’s outfit, there are sure to be a few surprises.
After discovering Dad’s favourite childhood teddy in a box of old toys, Biff enlists Gran’s help to make him good as new again. But will Dad love the new improved Splodge?
When Floppy is wrongly accused of being naughty, Chip is determined to find out who’s really to blame. Could it be Angel, the supercute dog who’s visiting for the day?
Biff, Chip and Kipper find themselves in a battle on the high seas, as they compete with Wilf and Wilma to build the best box pirate ships ever.
After making promises to both Biff and Wilf, Chip pretends to be ill to get out of playing with Biff. But can he escape when Doctor Biff and Anneena confine him to his sick bed?
Series 1
The whole community has created a 'nice neighbourhood' map, and a reporter is on the way to take a photograph for the local newspaper. But will the map be finished in time?
When Dad forgets to book a table at a fancy restaurant for Mum, the children decide to make a restaurant at home. But Gran invites too many guests.
It's Sam’s wedding, and Wilf and Wilma are her special helpers. But when a series of accidents leads to them ruining their clothes, they come up with a very colourful solution.