Big Little Crimes

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Big Little Crimes

A series of burglaries helps police to crack a drug-dealing conspiracy, a consumer complaint brings down a national fraud, and a jet-setting con-woman is brought to justice.

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Series 1
Two PCSOs are caught in a web of lies, a tip-off leads to police cracking a £2 million insurance scam, and a married couple rip off thousands of concertgoers.
Antisocial behaviour helps solve a string of terrifying robberies, a disturbance reveals a massive haul of firearms, and a dodgy truck licence is the key to cracking a smuggling operation.
A tip-off leads authorities to crack the UK’s biggest case of food fraud, a copper’s instinct uncovers a conspiracy to commit fraud, and a faulty light leads investigators to high-level drug dealers.
An everyday burglary proves to hold the solution to a series of ram-raids. A minor theft leads to a kidnapping conviction, and a consumer complaint leads to the arrest of prolific fraudsters.
A suspicious solicitor is caught arranging sham marriages, a poaching complaint brings down an international smuggler, and a dodgy number plate ends in a high-speed pursuit.
A traffic collision leads police to a cold-blooded killer. A casino gambler proves to be the key to a money-laundering scheme, and a speeding motorbike leads police to a prolific burglar.
A stop-and-search leads to the arrest of a serial killer, a copper’s decision ends in an armed stand-off, and a road traffic collision cracks open a massive fraud case.
A copper’s instinct leads to armed robbers being caught in the act, and a dangerous driver turns out to be a big-time drug dealer.
When a car is caught running a red light, police find themselves chasing an armed criminal. A suspicious death leads to the discovery of a deadly plot to poison a man.
Series 2
Police go to check on a missing man but end up hunting for a double murderer. And when officers finally catch up with a disqualified driver, he’s in possession of Class A drugs.
A burglary puts police on the trail of a luxury car theft gang and an international fugitive. And when a bank worker gets a strange message, investigators trace a major fraudster.
A doorstep distraction burglary leads officers to a violent serial offender. And police cracking down on drug crime uncover a huge fake ID factory serving criminals across the UK.
A seemingly accidental house fire leads detectives to snare a killer. And a van pulled over for having a cracked windscreen turns out to contain a massive cannabis stash.
A suspicious bag handover leads investigators to expose a major money-laundering gang. And police called to a road accident soon realise they’re dealing with a case of murder.
A report of burglary turns out to be a sham – exposing a million-pound fraudster. And when police stop a suspicious car, they end up bringing down an unscrupulous drug dealer.
A car that fails to stop for police turns out to be behind a life-threatening hit-and-run. And a single fake cheque puts officers on the trail of a gang of con artists.
When an off-duty officer sees a small drug deal, it leads police to a huge cannabis farm. And a case of car clocking triggers a battle of wits between a cop and a serial crook.
A 999 call about an intruder puts police on the trail of a violent attacker. And a traffic stop in Romania helps detectives solve a burglary crime wave much closer to home.
Neighbourhood cops looking for a stolen motorbike find a huge stash of cocaine. And a threatening phone call leads police to a serial stalker who’s been harassing dozens of women.