Bitesize Daily: 7-9 Year Olds

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Bitesize Daily: 7-9 Year Olds

Learn about simple circuits, circuit symbols, conductors, and solving electrical problems.

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May 2024
Learn about magnetic force, push-and-pull forces, and how magnets are used.
Learn about looking for vibrations, travelling vibrations, pitch and volume.
Learn about the skeleton, ribcage, skull and muscles.
Learn about solids, liquids and gas, heating and cooling, and the water cycle.
Learn about where rocks come from, how fossils form and what is in soil.
April 2024
Learn about plant and animal habitats, exploring habitats and classifying living things.
Learn about light sources and reflections, and investigating and changing shadows.
March 2024
Learn about Maya designs, clay looms and weaving creations.
Learn about painting warm skies, cool waters and relief printing.
Learn about composition, mark-making and drawing birds.
Learn about movement lines, designing a skateboard and colour theory.
February 2024
Learn about typography, font shapes and how to design a font.
Learn about designing and creating concertina books, and how to add a surprise to one!
January 2024
Learn about motifs, performing, and composing themes.
Learn about music images, and creating and performing graphic scores.
Learn about writing and developing lyrics and how to write a song.
Learn about using musical structures, form and the blues.
Learn about improvising, improvisation games, and the role of a conductor.
Learn about dynamics, tempo and how to perform them.