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Seasonal comedy special. Christmas Eve, 1850. Ebenezer Blackadder is a decent, kind, generous human being - until he gets a glimpse of his loathsome ancestors.

Comedy series set in the 18th century. When Samuel Johnson's dictionary is used for firewood, Edmund must rewrite it.
Episodes 2020
Sitcom set in Tudor England. The calculating Edmund Blackadder is struck by Cupid's arrow when he takes on a new servant - a girl named Bob.
Sitcom set during the Great War. The October Revolution in Moscow has appalling repercussions, including a Charlie Chaplin impression by Baldrick.
Edmund, George and Baldrick join the Royal Flying Corps. However, Edmund and Baldrick are shot down soon afterwards and are taken prisoner by the Red Baron.
Episodes 2019
Sitcom set in Tudor England. Edmund is in trouble when he is visited by a debt-collecting bishop armed with a red-hot poker.
Comedy series set in Tudor England. There are problems in the Blackadder household due to an embarrassing incident with a turnip, an ostrich feather and a puritanical fat aunt.
Classic historical comedy. The evil Prince Ludwig kidnaps both Blackadder and Lord Melchett. Is our hero doomed, or does Baldrick have a cunning plan?
Sitcom set in Tudor England. In order to save time, Edmund Blackadder beheads a man early. But he didn't take into account the queen's tendency to change her mind.
Historical sitcom set in Tudor England. To keep up with Sir Walter Raleigh, Edmund announces he will navigate the treacherous waters of the Cape of Good Hope.
Series 1: 08/11/2018 of the TV-show Blackadder was broadcast by BBC4 on Sunday 6 January 2019 at 23:10.
Sitcom set in the trenches of the First World War. When Blackadder, George and Baldrick are told they are going over the top the next day, Blackadder decides to feign madness. Less
Episodes 2018
The immensely moving final episode of the WWI sitcom, ending with one of the best moments in TV history. With Fry and Laurie, and guest star Geoffrey Palmer.
When orders for Operation Insanity arrive, Blackadder breaches security by eating the messenger - a pigeon who happens to be Melchett's pet. Baah!
The October Revolution in Moscow produces three appalling results: a ceasefire by Russia, an offensive by Germany, and a Charlie Chaplin impression by Baldrick.
The late, great Rik Mayall guest stars as the outrageous Flashheart, a man with a healthy libido. In WWI, our hero Blackadder joins the Royal Flying Corps.
Ordered to find a spy in the hospital, Blackadder spends three weeks chasing a nurse and ignoring a man with a German accent. Miranda Richardson guest stars.
Edmund cheats to win a competition to be named Official War Artist, thinking it's his ticket out of the trenches. So he's furious when his reward turns out to be going into no man's land to sketch the German positions. Less
Blackadder faces court martial for eating a carrier pigeon. With the pigeon's owner, Melchett, as judge and Darling as prosecutor, Edmund is relying on George and Baldrick to save his skin. Less
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