Bless This House

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Bless This House

Mike throws his own 20th birthday party, but Sid and Jean aren't invited.

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Series 2
Jean convinces Sid to go for a picnic, but it doesn't go to plan.
Jean is worried about the many flirty women Sid meets in his line of work.
Jean wants Sid to go to a wedding with her, but Sid is desperate to go to the football.
During a family meal, Sid and Jean reminisce about the time they first met.
Sid is desperate not to have to endure a weekend with Jean's father.
Sid and Jean get the wrong end of the stick about Sally's relationship with her teacher.
A war erupts with Sid's neighbour Trev over a cherry tree.
Mike hopes to win a sculpture competition.
Series 1
A night out with the guys leaves Sid with no memory of the night before.
Sally brings home a dog when an elderly gentleman can no longer look after him.
Trev stays at Sid and Jean's house following a huge row with Betty.
Sid wants a restful Sunday, but that's the last thing he's going to get...
Series 6
With Jean, Sally and Mike not talking to him, Sid decides to head to the pub.
Sid discovers where the money for his birthday party has come from, and he's not pleased.
A confusing photo leads the local newspaper to believe Sid has won the pools.