Bob The Builder

September 2019

47. Scoop Cries Wolf

3.0 0 x
After Scoop bothers Bob for no reason, he is ignored.

48. Battle of the Boards

3.0 0 x
Bob builds a skate park for the Spring City Rockets.
August 2019

46. The Silver Shield

4.0 0 x
Bob and the team are restoring Fixham Castle.

45. City Beach

4.0 1 x
Bob and the team are asked to create a beach in Spring City.

44. Dizzy's Pirates

3.0 3 x
Bob and the team begin renovations on the Hilltop theatre.

43. Bob and the Masked Rider

3.0 2 x
Bob and the team create a motocross course.

42. Muck and the Elephant

4.0 2 x
Bob and his team build an elephant statue for the mall.

41. Spring City Clock

3.0 3 x
Bob and the team build the new Spring City Clock.

40. Wind and Shine

3.0 3 x
Bob builds a wind farm to power the Sea Life Center.

39. Spring City TV

4.0 3 x
Bob installs a satellite dish at the Spring City News HQ.
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