Boot Dreams: Now Or Never

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Boot Dreams: Now Or Never

Champion freestyler Liv Cooke visits. It’s the final game and as Roman watches from the touchline, one player stuns the scouts. For others, there are difficult decisions to make.

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Series 1
Jordan gets a high-stakes trial, but the coaches are worried about his self-control. In an emotional heart-to-heart, Gifton opens up to Roman about the pressure to succeed.
Anton Ferdinand teaches how to psych out opponents as the squad prepare to face their first full men’s team. Locker room banter boils over. George talks to Roman about his stress.
Adebayo ‘The Beast’ Akinfenwa leads a session on using power and size. There’s joy as one player scores a contract, and tough decisions as two more fall behind. With Roman Kemp.
Roman watches disaster hit at the first game in front of scouts. Scott has a dilemma after an offer from a lower league, and there’s anguish for captain Jake.
Sixteen footballers rejected by top clubs join a unique camp to help with their issues off the pitch and try to get a new professional contract.