Britain's Favourite...


April 26, 2020

4.0 73 x
Will the Curly Wurly leave the public in a twist? Are Galaxies out of this world? Or do we need a break from the Kit-Kat? Chocolate-loving celebrities give their thoughts as the chocolate champion is crowned.

7. Britain's Favourite Cleaning Product

2.5 103 x
From sponges to sprays, which cleaning aid really shines?

6. From Coco Pops to Weetabix: Britain's Favourite Cereal

4.2 1,012 x
Celebrities reveal the Top 20 countdown of favourite cereals.
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5. Britain's Favourite Biscuit

3.0 47 x
A host of celebrities decide which biscuit reigns supreme.

2. Chocolate Bar

3.4 59 x
Chocolate-loving celebs nibble their way through the Top 20.

1. Britain's Favourite Takeaway

4.0 43 x
Celebrities munch their way through the chart toppers.

3. Crisps

3.8 81 x
Celebrity crisp fans appraise the nation's favourite snacks.

2. Britain's Favourite Sweets

2.8 292 x
A host of celebrities reveal the definitive Top 20 countdown.