Britain's Greatest Generation


4. A Better World

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This final episode of Britain's Greatest Generation follows the lives of some of the servicemen and women of the Second World War across seventy years of British history, from 1945 up to the present day. This episode features Arctic convoy survivor Austin Byrne, former Fleet Air Arm pilot and Scotland football manager Bobb...

3. Fight for Freedom

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This film interweaves stories of extraordinary courage, terrible suffering and miraculous survival from servicemen and women between 1942 and 1945. We meet the bomber boys who flew on some of the most dangerous missions of the war. We discover what it was like for the soldiers who helped turn the tide against the Germans -...

2. Their Finest Hour

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We meet one of the last surviving pilots of the Battle of Britain. We hear from men who did some of the most dangerous war work of all - getting the convoys through. And we find out what kept people going when defeat was staring them in the face. This would be the defining moment of Britain's Greatest Generation - when an ...

1. Coming of Age

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We meet some of the extraordinary last survivors of the generation who fought or lived through World War II. Now in their nineties and hundreds - the oldest is 110 - they come from both rich and poor backgrounds. We find out how these men and women of Britain's Greatest Generation were shaped by their childhood experiences.
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