Series 1

Series 1, Episode 10 - Matrescence

3.0 0 x
After agreeing to get Jacinda christened, Oly feels like she’s losing control of everything and begins to freak out.

Series 1, Episode 9 - All Happy Families

4.0 6 x
After giving up on her own family, Oly starts living at the Hernandez house with Santi, and her homework suffers.

Series 1, Episode 8 - The Strange Situation

4.0 7 x
Santi and Oly try to fix things, while Oly has a shock about her parents. Angie and Matias face up to some realities about their own relationship.

Series 1, Episode 7 - Driftwood

3.0 8 x
After a rejection, Santi goes back to his old ways with Vince. Dom and Angie start to grow used to their separated status. Oly begins to feel like her new family is falling apart.

Series 1, Episode 6 - Limerence

4.0 6 x
A family birthday gives Oly and Santi the chance to get much closer, but things get complicated.

Series 1, Episode 5 - #oleema

3.0 10 x
Oly finds out what mastitis feels like, but when Rosa and Angel invite Oly on a girls’ night out, Reema persuades her to hit the town.

Series 1, Episode 4 - Sin Salida

3.0 15 x
Now everyone knows who the baby’s parents are, there’s tension between the families, with new grandparents Dom and Matias butting heads.

Series 1, Episode 3 - Relative Strangers

3.0 22 x
Oly insists on taking her baby to school. Lachie is still covering her and pretending to be the father, but they can’t keep up the pretence forever. Santi steps up to bring the two families together.

Series 1, Episode 2 - The Startle Reflex

4.0 20 x
Everyone tries to adjust to Oly's new life, but not everyone is on the same page.

Series 1, Episode 1 - Sorpresa!

4.0 58 x
A-grade pupil Oly suddenly goes into labour at school, never having known she was pregnant.