Buying and Selling

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Buying and Selling

The brothers help Michelle and Danielle as they hunt for a spacious suburban home.

Series 4
Nurse Jenna and firefighter Neil get help to renovate and sell Neil's former frat house.
The brothers transform a tired old property into a luxury home.
Series 3
A family of five are feeling the squeeze and look for a larger property.
A family of five ask Drew and Jonathan to find them a new home with their dream kitchen.
A busy couple looking for a fresh start are held back by their current fixer-upper.
A couple's shoddy DIY renovations have left them stuck in real estate limbo.
A couple look to move to a better school district for their four-year-old twins.
With a four-year-old and another baby on the way, Mike and Nicole need more room to grow.
Kim and Pete are looking for a spacious family-friendly home.
Rachel and Anthony are unhappy with their home's awkward layout and limited storage.
Jeremy and Dayna's suburban bungalow is bursting at the seams.
After adopting four children, Mike and Steve are desperate for more space.
Drew and Jonathan Scott help homeowners take their next step on the property ladder.
US property series. An urban families dated home is holding them back.
Craig and Simone's current property is stuck in the 90s and needs a complete overhaul.
A recently blended family must tackle a major DIY disaster before they can sell up.
A couple hope to reunite their extended family under one big roof.
The duo look for a property big enough to fit three generations of women under one roof.
A family look to move into a bigger space - if mum and dad can agree on their priorities.