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Drama series about a sleuthing monk. A merchant is killed at the annual St Peter's fair.

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Series 3
Drama series. Cadfael looks into a spate of murders related to the courting of a widow.
Series 1
Cadfael is called in to investigate when a wealthy landowner is found poisoned.
Cadfael is on the case when a powerful Baron disappears before his own wedding.
When Shrewsbury's goldsmith is robbed and left for dead, the locals launch a witch-hunt.
The sleuthing medieval monk's quiet, monastic life is suddenly shattered.
Series 3
Cadfael investigates the death of a priest who had refused to baptise a prostitute.
Series 4
When the corpse of an old man is found in a sack at the Abbey, Cadfael wonders if a pair of thieving pilgrims could have murdered him.
Cadfael tries to discover who stole the remains of St. Winifred from Shrewsbury Abbey - but his investigation is complicated when someone else's bones go missing.
When a widowed potter gives up his former life to enter the monastery, the other monks suspect him of murdering his late wife. Then Cadfael uncovers a bizarre web of jealousy.