Series 34: Episode 12

4.5 21 x
A routine CQC investigation has far-reaching ramifications for both the staff and patients at the Holby City emergency department.

Series 34: Episode 11

4.0 24 x
Ethan regrets his actions when Effie's trial goes wrong, Jade faces a dilemma, and Danny’s impromptu visit to his childhood home isn't quite the family reunion he hoped for.

Series 34: Episode 10

4.5 36 x
Tension rises between Ethan and Rash, while Rosa opens up to David about her past.

Series 34: Episode 9

4.0 21 x
Rash and Mason finally make peace, and Archie is reunited with guilt when the abusive ex-teacher she had taken vengeance on returns to the ED.

Series 34: Episode 8

4.0 19 x
Ethan struggles to keep his personal life from distracting him at work, while Duffy fights to reclaim her confidence despite some devastating news.

Series 34: Episode 7

2.5 31 x
Mason struggles to ask for help in his most difficult week as a junior doctor.

Series 34: Episode 6

3.0 23 x
David and Ollie continue to butt heads, Rash decides to fight to stay in Holby, and a new member joins the paramedic team.

Series 34: Episode 5

3.0 26 x
Mason throws Rash under the bus to avoid blame, and Iain comes to a conclusion about his future.

Series 34: Episode 4

3.5 43 x
Archie takes justice into her own hands to support a wronged patient, and a friend from Iain’s past helps him think about his future.

Series 34: Episode 3

4.5 46 x
An accident brings David and Ollie closer together, and Duffy learns how overlooked some care home residents can be.
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