Series 36

Series 36, Episode 44 - Survivor

4.5 18 x
Rash struggles to give Paige space on the day of her BRCA gene test results, while Sah makes a difficult choice.

Series 36, Episode 43 - No Good Deed

3.0 37 x
David searches for answers when he fears he’s the target of an explosion, but is he really ready to know the truth about Ollie?

Series 36, Episode 42 - Parental Guidance

4.0 14 x
On the day of Ollie’s funeral, will David be able to forgive his son? Faith is shocked to discover Natalia has a secret.

Series 36, Episode 41 - One In, One Out

4.0 91 x
Stevie struggles to control her emotions on Emma’s birthday, while Sah has an unwelcome visitor.

Series 36, Episode 40 - Blame Game

4.0 50 x
David struggles to come to terms with his son’s actions, and Stevie clashes with a new colleague.

Series 36, Episode 39 - Wednesday's Child

4.0 51 x
David must come to terms with Ollie’s dark choices, and a patient from Paul’s past pushes him to be honest with Robyn.

Series 36, Episode 38 - By Any Means

3.0 30 x
Rash struggles to do the right thing for Paige, and Robyn steps up to help Marty and Adi with their surrogacy.

Series 36, Episode 37 - Never Alone

3.0 10 x
Paige and Rash try to hide their relationship from the ED, and David fights to save a patient from herself.

Series 36, Episode 36 - Found You

4.0 6 x
Iain puts his life on the line, and Paige grows closer to Rash.

Series 36, Episode 35 - Dark Room

3.0 39 x
Sah comes face-to-face with a figure from their past, and David tries to win Ollie back onto his side.