Series 34: Episode 42

4.0 38 x
Jacob betrays Connie’s trust, Noel makes a heartbreaking mistake, and opinions in the ED are divided when an illegal stowaway falls from the sky.

Series 34: Episode 41

3.0 57 x
An utterly conflicted Dylan struggles to contain his fury at Lev, and Fenisha steps up to help in Jan’s hour of need.

Series 34: Episode 40

4.0 54 x
David struggles to manage his bipolar symptoms as his past comes back to haunt him, and Dylan’s morals are pushed to their limit.

Series 34: Episode 39

4.0 34 x
Jacob is concerned when Nate is brought into the ED struggling to breathe, and temptation gets the better of Lev.

Series 34: Episode 38

4.0 22 x
Ethan battles his PTSD and throws himself into action after a dangerous incident at Holby Comic Con, and Faith leans on Dylan for support after Luka's latest scan.

Series 34: Episode 37

4.0 36 x
Lev reflects on a traumatic childhood after connecting with a patient of similar heritage, and Jan struggles to prioritise her marriage over her work.

Series 34: Episode 36

4.0 34 x
Jade meets her birth mother and finally uncovers the truth behind her past, whilst Charlie is reminded of Duffy when treating a man who has recently received a heart transplant.

Series 34: Episode 35

3.0 67 x
When Charlie inadvertently gets caught up in a hostage situation at the ED, he must decide where his loyalties lie. Will asks Fenisha for a second chance.

Series 34: Episode 34

4.0 19 x
Fenisha pushes Jan too far, Jade must confront her past, and Jacob makes an unexpected friend.

Series 34: Episode 33

4.0 53 x
Noel’s suspicions are proved right when he catches a predator, and Fenisha battles with a difficult decision.
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