August 2019

Series 34: Episode 2

3.0 5 x
Rash helps a patient through a terrible loss. Ethan is brought a case by a friend from the past.

Series 34: Episode 1

4.5 61 x
Series 34: Episode 1 of the TV-show Casualty was broadcast by BBC1 on Saturday 17 August 2019 at 21:20.

Series 33: Episode 46

4.0 56 x
Connie is forced to choose between her addiction and her career, while Duffy has a hard day and finds herself back in the ED.

Series 33: Episode 45

3.0 40 x
Marty tells the truth but isn’t prepared for the consequences. Meanwhile, Connie continues to cover her tracks in the ED.
July 2019

Series 33: Episode 44

4.0 27 x
Connie manipulates and schemes to save herself, while new porter Rosa makes quite the first impression in the ED.

Series 33: Episode 43

4.0 29 x
Connie takes the opportunity to prove herself, but it ends in disaster. Duffy proves her worth in the ED but gets caught up in Connie’s mistake.

Series 33: Episode 42

3.0 27 x
Iain gets embroiled in a tricky case with a familiar face, while Jade gets more than she bargained for with Marty.
June 2019

Series 33: Episode 41

4.5 65 x
Jacob says a final goodbye to Omo, and a desperate Archie turns to Ciaran for help.

Series 33: Episode 40

3.0 29 x
Duffy makes the tough decision to hang up her uniform, and Jacob discovers a truth from his past.

Series 33: Episode 39

3.0 36 x
Connie continues her downward spiral, while Jacob pulls the wool from his mother’s eyes.
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